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Hi both, I hope you are well. I can’t believe it’s two months ago that I came to Spain…

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So my Gastric Mind Band Story. Mind you it’s cold and wet today and definitely feeling wintery with the cold wind. I hear you have been having lovely weather in Spain (or so the internet says). Glad to hear you have been busy. It’s so amazing what you do – undergoing your Gastric Mind Band therapy really has changed my life for the better.

My Gastric Mind Band story, I have lost quite a lot of weight – am surprised (and delighted) at how much. Amazingly it isn’t really feeling that hard, the weight loss is regular week in, week out. I now have porridge (oats so simple) every morning and a ‘new for me’ sensible lunch and evening meal – with so many vegetables!

I can’t believe how organised I am with regards to food again… I have most days planned and usually do my main shops at the weekend with ad hoc shops midweek

I 100% agreed with what you said regarding a little of what you like in moderation and have started to buy some bars of Green and Blacks – about the size of the chocolates you have after dinner – so that I can have something I want if I really crave it.

My goodness on typing the above it sounds like I am snacking all the time… believe me I am not… now how can I prove that, hmmm, maybe by telling you I have lost 2st and 8.5 lbs since my initial weigh-in. It’s amazing – my clothes are hanging off me!

Gastric Mind Band Story

gastric mind band story
Louise fell in love with Water…

Tonight was hilarious, I dug out a suitcase with “don’t fit clothes” in and thought I would have a try on – I have endless clothes “for when I lose weight” and often they still have their tags on. Well I have found about 4 pairs of trousers that are too big to wear (and still have their tags on). I am going to eBay them! I have found another dozen pairs of trousers in the case that now fit!!!! One pair of trousers, I can’t quite remember when I stopped wearing them, nearly fit, so looking forward to getting back into those again.

I drink endless bottles of water, at least four a day and when I don’t drink them I really miss them. I have been buying Highland Spring and they have a competition on them which I have been religiously entering and I have won a weekend away – just waiting to hear more, but it’s another positive that is coming out of the healthier lifestyle.

I still wear my GMB pink wrist band and we are buying a wireless BOSE speaker as our Christmas pressie to use for my hypnosis CDs as I have been struggling to listen to them on my phone and not so conducive to relaxing on the stereo.

So all in all, it’s going well and I can honestly say how it has been the best money ever spent, I don’t know exactly what you two did during those sessions, but my life has changed, I only wish I had met you both many years before, but I won’t dwell on that, I am delighted to been doing this now. Louise, London.

gastric mind band story
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gastric mind band story

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