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The Non-Surgical Permanent Weight Loss Solution That Works.

The Psychology-based Gastric Mind Band® (GMB) weight loss treatment, is focused around Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Delivering Non Surgical Permanent Weight Loss that works. We also incorporate our own unique ‘Twist’ to CBT, which is called TCBT, a proven, fast-acting, therapeutic aid to creating change in people’s lives. Where appropriate, the treatment is underpinned with Clinical Weight Loss Hypnosis Hypnotherapy.

May 2021. We are pleased to once again be preparing the clinic to welcome visiting clients from around Europe, do feel free to contact us for details of availability.

The GMB treatment continues to be available and completed remotely 1:1 either via Skype or Zoom in the comfort and security of your own home. We offer three levels of remote focused treatment, detailed at the bottom of this page, additional information regarding the online approach can be found here.  or if for what ever reason, you cannot get to Spain Martin and Marion continue to travel Internationally providing the treatment in clients homes. Clients undertaking the treatment at the clinic will normally complete over either three or four days, depending on the treatment package chosen. The GMB Treatment has literally changed the lives of hundreds of men and women, from all over the world, and from all walks of life; and it can change your life as well.

Read on this website about how the Gastric Mind Band Treatment strives to deliver what is surely Utopia for dieters… Effective Weight Loss, using Empirically Proven Psychological Interventions, underpinned with weight loss hypnosis, that produces permanent results.

In January 2022, we are launching our My Weigh Less fully downloadable program, you can keep up to date with the progress and gain a little background information by visiting the dedicated web site

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The GMB process incorporates Clinical Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy in the treatment mix, which provides a non-Surgical Permanent Weight Loss Solution. The results compare favourably to the surgical alternatives at a fraction of the costs, with non of the associated risks or hospital visits. The treatment has been featured in just about every National Newspaper in the UK, along with dozens of articles in the most popular magazines, you can view them in the Press section of the site. In addition it has been featured on a number of UK TV Shows, along with a TV feature on the Good Morning America TV Show as well as on both Australia and Japan TV networks. Over 1,700 people has travelled from around the world to complete the GMB treatment, hopefully after reading the pages of this web site, you will understand why.

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Lost over 80lbs
Lost over 77lbs
Lost over 56 lbs
Lost over 100 lbs
Lost over 144 lbs
Lost over 91 lbs

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  • Jackie & Sharon lost a combined weight of 10 stone.
  • The sisters gained a positive mindset through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.
  • The Gastric Mind Band treatment allowed them to ‘feel fantastic’ and ‘think clearer’.
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