Gastric Mind Band : Press and Media Coverage

Gastric Mind Band Therapy Press and Media Coverage, has attracted considerable interest from the media, and has gained Media Coverage in the USA, as well as in the UK and Spain. Our therapy was featured in all of the magazines above during the month of December 2010, and below are details and links to just some of the press and media coverage we have received. Press and Media Coverage.

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  • Kay Lindley was interviewed about her Gastric Mind Band treatment by Lorraine Kelly on GMTV.
  • The ITV Daybreak programme featured the story of Sarah Hart who had GmB therapy with us in Spain and then dropped from a dress size 24 to a size 8.
  • Sarah Hart’s fantastic weight loss story was featured on Australian Television Sunrise programme.
  • The Daily Mail also featured the story of Sarah Hart who achieved a lifelong ambition this year when she completed her first half marathon.
  • Sarah’s amazing story was also featured in the The Daily Express after she lost 11 stone by having GMB therapy in Spain.
  • The Daily Mail sent reporter Claudia Connell over to record her personal experience of the GMB therapy.
  • We were recently featured on America’s ABC News channel Good Morning America programme.
  • Our Gastric mind Band therapy was also featured on America’s CBS News channel Inside Edition programme.
  • The Daily Mail serialised our book, “Shirrans’ Solution – The Gastric mind Band.”
  • Gastric mind Band Therapy helped Joh Smith to slim down from over 13 stone to 9 stone 4lb. Her success story was featured in the Sunday Mirror.
  • The Gastric mind Band was featured again in several UK national newspapers: Daily Mail : Daily Express : Daily Telegraph : The Sun, and it was the BBC Radio 2 news story of the week.
  • Sarah Vine of The Times, underwent the Gastric Mind Band Treatment. Her story appeared in The Times Weekend Magazine in February 2012. Read part 2 here.
  • Katie Drew shed 40% of her body weight after adopting the Pause Button Technique, which is a unique part of the Gastric Mind Band Therapy. Her inspiring success story was featured in The Daily Mail in 2013.
  • Marion Corns’ weight loss success story was featured in Scotland’s Weekly News in April 2009.
  • Psychologies Magazine reviewed the Gastric Mind Band’s Pause Button Therapy approach in November 2012. Read part 1 here, and part 2 here.

Gastric Mind Band Magazine Features

When Sarah got married for the first time, she wore a size 24 dress, and felt embarrassed about her weight, but she went on to lose over 10 stone with the Gastric Mind Band, and looked absolutely gorgeous in her size 10 wedding dress, when she re-married in 2015! Her weight loss success story, including her wedding photos, was featured in Woman magazine.

Good Housekeeping magazine featured a tasteful, “naked” photo shoot of ladies who had lost weight via various different methods. Our lovely client, Diane Hughes, was included in the article after successfully losing weight with the Gastric Mind Band Therapy.

Popular actress, comedienne and TV presenter, Helen Lederer, reviewed her own personal Gastric Mind Band experience in the Reader’s Digest.

NOW magazine featured Sarah’s amazing weight loss success story. Sarah lost half her body weight and ended up being the same size as her slim sister, Amanda, who she’d always envied.

Chat magazinepublished and interesting article about how Marion Corns “thought herself thin” after undertaking the Gastric Mind Band Therapy.

In 2009 Best magazine also published Marion Corn’s virtual gastric band story after she successfully lost over 3 stone.

In 2010, Lifetimes magazine included a two-page feature about the Elite Clinic and specifically the work they do in the field of weight loss. Read part 2 here.

The USA National Enquirer magazine included a two-page feature in April 2009 on how successfully Marion Corns lost 50 pounds after her Gastric Mind Band experience. Read page 1 here and page 2 here.

Inside Out Health magazine featured a two-page article about the benefits of losing weight with the Gastric Mind Band Technique.

Natural Health magazine featured the Gastric Mind Band Therapy in the Healthy Dieting section of their January 2011 edition.

Hello magazine ran a full page article on the Gastric Mind Band treatment in November 2010; it featured pictures of Geri Halliwell, Sophia Dahl and Helen Lederer, who all lost weight using Guided Imagery.

Marie Claire magazine dedicated a whole page to the Gastric Mind Band treatment in January 2011, telling the story of Laura Graham, who had visited the Elite Clinic in Spain.

Easy Living magazine featured the book, ‘Shirrans’ Solution The Gastric Mind Band’ in February 2011. The book, which was published in 2010, details the Gastric Mind Band process.

Vogue magazine featured the Gastric Mind Band treatment in the ‘Vogue Beauty’ section in January 2011, commenting on the many testimonials and the short four-day treatment time.

Psychologies magazine dedicated two pages to the Pause Button Therapy element of the Gastric Mind Band Treatment and the publication of the PBT book by Hay House in November 2012. Read part 1 here and part 2 here.

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