Thigh Gap and Bikini Bridge

Parents should be concerned; Thigh Gap and Bikini Bridge, are, worryingly often, the body shape that an ever increasing number of teenage girls dream of achieving. So, firstly just in case anyone reading this page requires a little information as to exactly what is a Thigh Gap or the Bikini Bridge, let us try to explain more.

What is a Thigh Gap?

The Thigh Gap is described as a space between the inner thighs, when the knees are touching, and is described as an aspect of physical attractiveness. In the US in particular, the Thigh Gap is now a highly desired appearance especially in Teenagers. It seems that the terminology and heightened desire coupled to the media frenzy all came about following the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show which featured a number of models with a Thigh Gap, this created a raft of Internet blogs, and Social Media pages devoted exclusively around the subject. Other reports state that the interest was piqued following the catwalk launch of Cara Delevingne.

What is a Bikini Bridge?

The Bikini Bridge, it seems started out a bit of a hoax, it is described in the Urban Dictionary as ‘when bikini bottoms are suspended between the two hip bones, causing a space between the bikini and the lower abdomen, the bridge.’ There are also web sites describing a number of additional benefits of the BB, such as it providing the perfect place to keep your iPhone, or that it helps to gain a tan line free appearance following a spell of sunbathing!

Lucy Attley, Dove Spokesperson who works on their self-esteem campaign, says: ‘The bikini bridge is yet another example of piling pressure on women to feel increasingly anxious about their bodies.

How Can We Help?

Let us point you in the right direction. We have a selection of options below to help direct you to the right place.

‘Our ambition at Dove is for beauty to be a source of confidence, not anxiety. We want to inspire women everywhere to feel good about the bodies they have, and not experience the constant pressure that drives beauty anxieties, portraying an ideal of beauty that is not real or reflective of women in the UK.  From the Daily Mail Newspaper.

How Do I Get a Thigh Gap or Bikini Bridge?

Thigh Gaps and the Bikini Bridge are for most of course an impossible unachievable reality, with many health professionals believing that they can often be the precursor to a life of eating disorders. The Bikini Bridge debate with the daily appearance in the media of celebrity images lying on a sun kissed beach does little to inspire their body confidence; usually it establishes an unrealistic level of expectation around how teenagers should and can look. Often fuelled by the media and the fashion industry, it’s a topic that is not going to go away anytime soon….

Indeed Google either of the terms, Thigh Gap and Bikini Bridge  and you will be exposed to literally thousands of listings of blogs, forums and web sites dedicated to the two trends, you will even see a number of weight loss and exercise sites that dangerously promote them. A recently released short film by Guy Aroch based in New York which appears to glamorise the Thigh Gap has received considerable media coverage both sides of the Atlantic, mostly negative….

How GMBand Can Help

The Gastric Mind Band® often referred to as the Gold Standard in weight loss was developed by Martin and Marion Shirran at their Elite Clinic in Spain. The treatment is surgery free; incorporating a refreshing new advanced psychological approach to permanently changing a person’s eating habits and their relationship with food. They researched and perfected the concept, over a ten year period, to provide a real alternative to having a surgical, Adjustable Gastric Band fitted. Their Gold Standard treatment is now the subject of the bestselling book, The Gastric Mind Band, published by Hay House; and has been featured on TV on both sides of the Atlantic and in the worlds press.

Over the last twelve months the Shirrans have become increasingly aware of the growing number of teenagers and parents contacting their clinic enquiring about the treatment specifically for female teenagers. This resulted in them developing a completely new, exciting and dedicated approach – Gastric Mand Band for Teenagers. Recently launched, and already receiving considerable interest, the product offers a real, safe and permanent weight loss solution for teenagers. In addition to the normal in-depth GMB treatment it incorporates additional sections, one of the teenagers parents are always encouraged to attend at least one of the sessions. Issues around body image insecurity and levels of self esteem are also incorporated, along with the encouragement and benefits of them adopting a healthy and active lifestyle.

Martin and Marion have accumulated close to 8,000 hours of clinical time with weight loss clients, allowing them to constantly improve and perfect the treatment. GMB involves a clever combination of a number of proven psychological approaches, including CBT, Time Perspective Therapy, NLP, Hypnosis, Guided Imagery, and their very own Pause Button Therapy® and TactileCBT®. See all therapies used.You can read exciting news about our latest fully downloadable product My Weigh Less here

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