Sharon’s Weight Loss Success story: She is now over 5 stone lighter!


The weight had been creeping on for a while, fuelled by unhealthy eating habits. Sharon said it was affecting her asthma, as the bigger she became, the harder it was to breathe – she remembers one time when even going up the stairs at home led her to struggle for breath. She said she would look in the mirror but feel she was hiding the weight gain well under baggy work clothes.

At the time, Sharon was battling depression and was taking anti-depressants, she said food was a comfort and she would often buy bags of chocolate and sweets and eat them in her van.

“I was full by the time I got home but I’d eat tea because I didn’t want my husband to know I’d been eating. I was getting bigger. I didn’t realise it was happening – I thought I was hiding it. Now I realise people could see me getting bigger.”

Sharon, 46, from East Yorkshire, said she was at her ‘heaviest ever’ weight of 15 stone 2 pounds (96.5 kilos) when she went to see Martin and Marion.


Even when Sharon was at the clinic, she said she could feel herself losing weight, she said the weight loss was ‘astronomically quick.’ She said: “I’m just so chuffed. Just by how easy it’s been to lose the weight and how quickly we have both lost it. It’s been fantastic. As the weight came off, my mood just started lifting and I started to feel better.”

Her doctor reduced her anti-depressants and within 3 months of starting the treatment, Sharon was off anti-depressants completely. She now weights 9st 12lb (62.76kg) and said she never once felt like she was slipping or going back into old habits.

And her confidence has soared. Normally describing herself as ‘quite quiet’, the weekend before the ‘after’ photo-shoot she went into her hairdresser’s blonde and came out a vibrant pink! She laughs: “No-one knew I was doing it, my husband likes it, but he said he wasn’t expecting it, I’m normally quite quiet and don’t like change, but now I have confidence!” She has also bought some new clothes, as well as being able to enjoy her old wardrobe of clothes as well.

It was Sharon’s sister, Jackie Hay, who recommended the Gastric Mind Band to her, because she was so impressed with her own results, just one month after embarking on the GMB journey herself.

Since then, the sisters have lost an amazing 10 stone between them and on the 22nd August 2019 they were invited to appear on ITV’s This Morning programme to share their success stories and explain how they lost 10 stone using the Gastric Mind Band® permanent weight Loss treatment. They sat down on the This Morning couch with hosts Eamonn Holmes and Rochelle Hulmes to talk about their amazing weight loss transformations and how it had changed their lives!

Throughout their weight loss journey the sisters supported each other, sending pictures of their meals and recipes to each other via What’s App.

Sharon said they had become even closer by supporting each other through their weight loss journey. As there’s a 15-year age gap between them, they didn’t spend lots of time together before, meeting for holidays and family events, but Sharon said they message every day now, adding: “It’s definitely made us closer. We have a proper sister relationship together; it’s been really good.”

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