Reduce Your BMI Ahead of Your Orthopaedic Surgery

Most people arrive at the clinic in Spain stating that they want to lose weight for cosmetic reasons; however, there have been a growing number of people who now come to us because they wish to lose weight ahead of undergoing Orthopaedic Surgery, many being recommended by their surgeon. To date, over 1,700 people have travelled around the world to complete the treatment and permanently change their lives, and level of health.

Many, surgeons refuse to complete surgery unless their patients BMI is below 40. However, losing weight can be a complex, and sometimes a taxing ordeal for many, but when the overweight person is also experiencing knee or hip pain, and exercising is either restricted or not possible, the desired weight loss can seem impossible to achieve. At the elite Gastric Mind Band clinic, we have welcomed clients who have been advised by their surgeon to undertake our non-surgical weight loss solution to prepare them for their replacement surgery as soon as possible.

Benefits of Losing Weight for Surgery

With the use of a Gastric Mind Band treatment, you can benefit from a proven and and permanent weight loss solution, allowing you to safely go ahead with your orthopaedic surgery. Many surgeons may refuse to consider operating until you reduce your BMI ahead of surgery. There are various reasons for this, some of which are listed below;

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How Can We Help?

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 Post-Surgery Complications: If you are considering undergoing hip or knee replacement as a part of your orthopaedic surgery, and you are overweight there are a multitude of complications that can arise from this. Data suggests that patients who reduce their weight ahead of orthopaedic surgery were 75% less likely to have in-hospital complications following hip replacement surgery, and 31% less likely to have complications following knee replacement surgery, which increases the risk of the joint having to be re-operated on.

Post-operative Fractures: In addition, extra weight can contribute to higher levels of post-operative fractures. If you have recently had a hip or knee replacement and you haven’t lost weight prior to surgery day, then once the artificial implant has been attached and you begin to become more mobile, it is possible that any additional weight will put pressure and possibly break the joint.

Risk of Infections: It is a well-known fact that the recovery from any operation involving a General Anaesthetic is greatly improved if the patient is not overweight. Obesity also increases the amount of in-hospital complications, which inevitably raises the risk of infections after surgery. Infections may also impact post-operative stay and raise the likely event of re-operation and more importantly, patient mortality.

Healing Process: If you are overweight, the healing process of course may take longer than usual. The incision made by your surgeon needs a healthy supply of blood and oxygen in order to heal adequately, but excess fat can put pressure on the blood flow, therefore increasing the amount of time it takes to your body to repair itself.

Maintain Your Weight After Your Orthopaedic Surgery

Gaining weight after surgery is common and can be problematic, especially when your overall activity is limited in the first few months of recovery. The treatment provided at the Elite Clinic, the Gastric Mind Band is designed to permanently reduce your weight which will ensure you maintain your weight after surgery. A study published in Osteoarthritis and Cartilage found that 66 percent of patients experienced weight gain in the two years following knee replacement surgery. The average weight gain was 14 pounds.

Therefore, most doctors highly recommend that you be proactive post-surgery. However, our team at GMBand understands that being mobile after undergoing orthopaedic surgery can prove challenging and problematic, and for this reason, the GMB treatment has attracted global interest, providing an inactive weight loss solution that delivers effective and Permanent results.

Our Non-Surgical Weight Loss Treatment

At the Elite clinic we have welcomed many clients who have been advised by their surgeon to undertake our clinical hypnotherapy weight loss treatment, which is underpinned by empirically proven CBT and other psychology based interventions. Martin and Marion Shirran who are the founders of GMBand aim to provide clients with a high-quality service that ensures permanent weight loss. We work closely with our clients on a one to one basis to develop a very deep understanding of their weight loss goals, and their past activities that have resulted in them becoming overweight; it is a crucial part of our non-surgical weight loss treatment that we offer.

Alternately you could elect to undergo to Bariatric weight loss surgery, such as the Gastric Band or Gastric Sleeve operations. However, these are expensive, require a general anaesthetic and have been known to cause side effects that are detrimental to your health. Other options include extreme dieting and exercise regimes – even though they are popular with celebrities, the science behind them suggests that they can potentially damage your wellbeing, seldom work, and unlikely to provide a permanent result.

Many professionals and surgeons recommend using our services in order to lose weight safely. Our proven techniques that we employ with all our clients have been known to be just as or maybe even more effective than other weight-loss options in the health and fitness industry. We implement a psychology-based method which allows you to avoid the invasive techniques used during surgery.

Reach your health goals today with GMBand

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