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Dr. Theano Kalavana is licensed to offer the Gastric Mind Band Cyprus. She  received her PhD in the area of Health Psychology in 2007 from the University of Cyprus.

After training with Martin and Marion Shirran at the Elite Clinic in Spain, she opened the GMB clinic in Cyprus.

Dr. Theano was particularly interested in the work that Martin & Marion had been doing around developing their very own Pause Button Therapy. She became involved in Pause Button Therapy and agreed to be the scientific director.

Pause Button Therapy was the subject of an oral presentation at the First International Time Perspective world conference at the University of Coimbra in Portugal in September 2012. The Conference showcased cutting edge research in this field and featured Keynote speakers including Professor Philip Zimbardo, author of the highly acclaimed book of Psychology, “The Time Paradox”. The Pause Button Therapy paper was written by PBT’s scientific director Dr Theano Kalavana.

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Theano also contributed a chapter to Martin and Marion’s book, Pause Button Therapy. Read an extract here….

Pause Button Therapy was developed based on Time Perspective theories in order to encourage individuals to develop a broader understanding of their actions and to develop a more future oriented perspective regarding healthy actions. Future orientation of course involves processes such as motivation, planning and evaluation.

PBT uses the idea of the Pause, Rewind, Fast Forward & Play buttons on remote control devices – to help people give themselves more thinking time when faced with decisions. By making the best possible use of that time to weigh up the potential consequences of their actions, this allows them to explore the value of a present and a future action and to exercise more their ability to develop a more future oriented perspective and strengthen further delaying gratification. You can order a copy of the book.

PBT encourages the autonoetic consciousness to take action and stop automaticity or reactions. PBT teaches people how to develop significant self-regulation skills such as goal setting, planning, self-monitoring, emotional control and coping with present problems occurred while working on a goal. PBT is probably the only tool in existence right now that bridges the gap between behavioural intention and actual behaviour and this is what classifies it as an effective therapeutic procedure that can lead to successful behavioural change!

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