Gastric Mind Band Abu Dhabi – Mohammed Naji

The Abu Dhabi GMB Team

Mohammed Naji – Sridhar Mangu – Dr. Eshrack Al-Attar, M.B.B.S., M.D

Gastric Mind Band Abu Dhabi team are made up of three individuals…Mohammed Naji trained in NLP in 1999.

Mohammed went on a journey of self-discovery.  He became an avid reader of books on self development.  He took more courses and became a certified NLP trainer, hypnotherapist, and Gastric mind Band (GmB) Accredited Therapist.  Determined to serve his country in his own way by helping people overcome obesity in a non-invasive, safe, natural method, Mohammed became the GMB franchisee for Abu Dhabi.  Mohammed conducts corporate trainings and appears in TV programs on personality development and family counseling regularly.

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Sridhar Mangu is an engineer by education.  Not being satisfied with his profession and in search of a more fulfilling one, Sridhar discovered that he has a passion for healing and reckoned that hypnotherapy is the best tool to do that.  Since 2009 he took various trainings and has been practicing hypnotherapy and psychotherapy part-time in Abu Dhabi.  And recently trained in Spain to provide the Gastric Mind Band Treatment. Sridhar firmly believes that everyone is capable of healing themselves with the power of their subconscious mind, and the therapist merely provides a suitable environment and guidance for that to happen.

Dr. Eshrack Al-Attar, M.B.B.S., M.D is an Obstetrician-gynecologist and surgeon.  She practices at a hospital in Abu Dhabi-UAE.   She believes that modern medicine must be combined with complementary treatments in order to maximize benefits to her patients and employs the appropriate techniques with great success. She is well versed in Alternative therapies.

Eshrack developed a keen interest in alternative medicine and has completed many courses.  As a result, apart from being a highly successful medical doctor, Eshrack is now trained to provide the Gastric Mind Band in Abu Dhabi.

The team from Abu Dhabi completed the training with Martin and Marion at the Elite Clinic in Spain.

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