52lbs fat disappeared – Laura’s Weight Loss Success Story


My name is Laura J. Graham, I’m 37 years old, 5 feet 4 inches, a vegetarian. I live with John, my partner of 18 years, in Scotland. Since my late teens I’ve always been slightly overweight, but only by 7 pounds or so. I was always able to go on some sort of diet and lose a few pounds. But when I turned 30, I put on a lot more weight. This time, I couldn’t lose it so easily.

The weight gain continued for 7 years until I discovered with horror that I weighed 190 pounds and that according to my BMI I was now officially “obese”. I was 14 pounds heavier than John, who is 6 feet tall! I felt miserable and disgusted with myself, and my confidence dropped to an all-time low. I was incredibly self-conscious and avoided looking at mirrors because I honestly didn’t recognise myself anymore. The thought of shopping for clothes for a social event really upset me!

From misery to happiness; the end of an obsessive relationship with food and the knowledge that I will never be overweight again. It was amazing 52lbs fat disappeared.

The solution to my growing misery had actually been mentioned to me previously. I had laughed at the idea of having a virtual gastric band “fitted” by hypnosis as a permanent solution to weight loss. That was until my mother emailed me the details of Martin and Marion Shirran’s Clinic in Malaga, Spain and their Gastric mind Band treatment.

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I read every single page of the website twice and asked John to do the same. It made a lot of sense. I knew that I had an obsessive relationship with food and that no conventional diet had made even a bit of difference. I needed help and guidance to change my eating habits, but more than that, I needed to be released from the conditioning that had led me to overeat in the first place. Five minutes later I phoned the Clinic and booked myself in for Gastric mind Band™ method. It was the best thing that I have ever done for myself. Exactly 7 months later and without any problems, hitches or setbacks I had lost 52 lbs and went from a tight size 18 to a groovy size 10 – 12.

What amazed me the most about the process was that I found it really easy. I weighed myself every fortnight and I consistently lost weight. The Hypnosis, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Neuro-Lingustic Programming which is part of the Gastric mind Band worked like magic. I no longer had the desire to comfort eat, or eat because I was bored. I was able to leave food on my plate and manage food cravings with ease. I was able to go out for dinner once or twice a week, have my favourite foods, and even a glass of wine. I could occasionally eat things that most people would avoid on a conventional diet because the therapy enabled me to keep my portion sizes normal, eat slowly and sensibly, and stop eating when I was satisfied. Finally, I bought myself a treadmill and actually started to enjoy using it, although I had previously hated exercising.

So here I am today – 138 pounds. 52lbs fat disappeared. I’m healthier and happier and so much more confident. I’m also totally in control of my eating habits and I can enjoy social events without worrying about what I’m going to wear or how I’m going to look, but the best part of it all is this: I know with total conviction, no matter what, that I’ll never be overweight again, ever!

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