Knee and Hip Surgery Weight Loss

Need to Lose Weight Before Surgery?

If you need to lose weight before undertaking Knee or Hip surgery, our team here at the Elite Clinic are the exclusive providers of the Gastric Mind Band Permanent Weight Loss Treatment, regarded by many as the Gold Standard in Non-Surgical Weight Loss. Due to the sheer amount of ‘fad’ diets in the health and fitness industry, knowing which option to choose can often be a challenge, and confusing knowing which one to choose and just what to believe! If you are obese, the pain that you experience in your hips and knees can become excruciating when carrying out daily activities and may even makes strenuous exercise impossible.

Losing weight before surgery can for many prove to be the most difficult part of their entire experience and so, like many others you might require, and benefit from some help from the Gastric Mind Band professionals to advise you on how to lose weight the most effective way. You may be under the impression that travelling over to Spain to lose weight is unnecessary, but the success of over 1,700 clients that have already travelled from around the world to visit the Malaga / Spain based clinic is the only persuasion needed for you to enquire today.  Additionally, as is detailed below, you can have the treatment in the comfort of your own home.

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How Gastric Mind Band Can Help You

The Gastric Mind Band® Non Surgical Permanent Weight Loss treatment, as completed exclusively at the Elite Clinic in Spain. The team at Gastric Mind Band – Marion and Martin Shirran, the developers, founders and authors of the global best-selling book ion the subject – perfected the treatment over a period of 10 years, it is still the subject of continued research and development, ensuring the treatment they are providing to their clients is of the highest quality. People from all over the world travel to Spain ahead of their surgery, specifically for our non-surgical weight loss treatment. The treatment we offer is an effective, reliable and permanent solution that allows you to go through with your surgery as soon as possible, without having the risks that come with being overweight.

The Non-Surgical Permanent Weight Loss treatment is a combination of unique psychological treatments; Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Hypnotherapy, mindfulness techniques, guided imagery and a series of other techniques developed in house at the Elite Clinic. At our Elite Clinic, all clients are treated by the founders, Joint Clinical Directors on a strict one-to-one basis, ensuring you receive the right treatment, and go on to achieve your goal of Permanent Weight Loss.

The Risks Associated with Knee and Hip Surgery While Being Overweight

Being overweight can cause a multitude of problems for people who are planning to have knee and hip surgery in the future. This is where the team at Gastric Mind Band can help. As you may know, many surgeons can refuse to consider going ahead with orthopaedic surgery if their patients BMI is outside of the normal healthy ranges. Below is a list of risks associated with undergoing surgery while overweight:

Sleep Apnoea: Being overweight can cause Sleep Apnoea, a condition where a person can stop breathing whilst they are asleep. Surgeons don’t like to give overweight patients general anaesthetic as this can cause their pulse to stop and increase the risk of patient mortality.

General Anaesthetic: When operating on overweight patients, surgeons struggle finding veins that can be used to give you anaesthetic or other emergency medications. This can be challenging during the operating process as surgeons typically use anaesthetic on patients to reduce the feeling of pain and if they don’t have the ability to use this, they may not continue with the operation.

Increased Recovery Time: Recovery time is an important aspect to consider when you are going into hospital for an operation. This can affect not only your daily routine, but also the healing process. The duration of your post-operative stay can become frustrating long for patients who are overweight as they’ll have to stay for a lengthier period of time due to excess fat restricting blood flow and therefore their body taking longer to heal.

Why You Should Maintain Your Weight Loss After Knee and Hip Surgery?

As your surgeon may have explained maintaining your weight loss after Knee or Hip Surgery is very important. It often proves difficult due to the healing and resting process as the operation often limits daily movement and mobility in the early stages. After your surgery, maintaining a healthy weight is essential, especially as when you walk, your knees endure a force equivalent to about three to six times your body weight as reported by John Hopkins at the Arthritis Centre.

Therefore, the more you weigh the more pressure you put on your artificial knee which can cause your artificial joint to prematurely deteriorate and can increase the risk of having to re-operate. In addition, excess weight also raises the risk of needing a replacement for your other knee which is something you should try and avoid. This is especially the case if your other knee already shows signs of osteoarthritis.

The Weight Loss Services We Offer at Gastric Mind Band

You could elect to undertake Bariatric weight loss surgery, possibly either the Gastric Band or Gastric Sleeve operations. Both come with a number of risk factors, and at a considerable financial cost or perhaps you would prefer to try one of the commonly promoted diets, which can be hard to maintain and cause potential damage to your health, plus of course few actually work and even less provide a permanent result.

The other and more effective alternative would be to visit our deluxe clinic in Spain for four days and complete the Non-Surgical Gold Standard Gastric Mind Band Treatment: as we say, it’s non-invasive and the treatment is completely based on psychology. The treatment does not involve exercise which is beneficial for people who are experiencing pain in their knee or hip joints. As well as this, our clinical hypnotherapy techniques underpinned with TCBT do not require dieting which can sometimes be relatively tedious and challenging. Over 1,700 people have visited the Gastric Mind Band clinic to lose weight permanently, which shows that the hypnotherapy services we offer are high in demand and delivers quick results. You can read on the many pages of this web site the verified case studies of past clients and also read through the many independent media reviews.

If travelling to Spain just seems too much, the Clinical Directors, Martin and Marion Shirran, subject to availability, can travel to you and complete the treatment in the comfort of your home, meaning you don’t even have to walk out the door. This option does come at a slightly higher cost but is often the chosen route for those that cannot fly to Spain, for more information, please contact a member of our friendly team here at the Elite Clinic.

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