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Gastric Mind Band Experiences Sarah

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My name is Sarah; I'm 27 and am currently working and living in Germany. Like many I have been overweight all my life, in fact I can scarcely remember a time when I wasn't larger than the others… to add to that I can scarcely remember a time when I ever lost any weight either in fact the trend only seemed to go one way and that was upwards, all of those factors are what you may call a combination for perpetual obesity that resulted in 16.11 stone and at least 21 years spent being unhappy because of it. I could write a novel on how obesity affected every part of my life, and made me so unhappy that it's only now looking back that I realise how bad it really was.

Gastric Mind Band Experiences Louise

Gastric Mind Band Story

Hi both, I hope you are well. I can't believe it's two months ago that I came to Spain...

Mind you it's cold and wet today and definitely feeling wintery with the cold wind. I hear you have been having lovely weather in Spain (or so the internet says). Glad to hear you have been busy. It's so amazing what you do – undergoing your Gastric Mind Band therapy really has changed my life for the better.

I have lost quite a lot of weight - am surprised (and delighted) at how much. Amazingly it isn't really feeling that hard, the weight loss is regular week in, week out. I now have porridge (oats so simple) every morning and a 'new for me' sensible lunch and evening meal – with so many vegetables!

I can't believe how organised I am with regards to food again... I have most days planned and usually do my main shops at the weekend with ad hoc shops midweek.

Gastric Mind Band Experiences Brenda

Gastric Mind Band Result

Dear Martin and Marion, I thought I would write to you both to record my experience with the recent course of treatment at Gastric Mind Band and its effect.

As you know, we had a number of discussions over several months as I needed to be sure of my decision – at every step you were assuring and sympathetic to my need to reduce my weight.

Gastric Mind Band Experiences Vicky

Gastric Mind Band Weight Loss

My Name is Vicky, I live in Bristol, I am a 29 year old Accountant, In October 2010. I underwent the Gastric mind Band treatment at the Elite Clinic in Spain, Martin Shirran asked me if I would mind writing a few words about my experience, so here are my words.