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About Type 2 Diabetes

In this new 4 series blog, we help you understand more about diabetes types, with a strong focus on type 2. We’ve seen type 2 diabetes disappear in some of our clients, unfortunately many people don’t realise that type 2 diabetes really can be reversed. Join us as we cover the most important information, and we’ve included bonus material to help you get back on track.

Introducing The Diet Doctor – we’ve stumbled onto something we think you need to know, especially if you are battling obesity or type 2 diabetes. In our first series we give you a deeper look at type 2 diabetes, with definitions and facts you need to know. In series II, we introduce you to something incredible, and something shocking at the same time. What if we told you, you had it all wrong when it came to dieting or controlling your blood sugar?

And, no – this isn’t another fad; in fact, the Diet Doctor is a real doctor, telling you the science behind diabetes, which includes a dose of old wisdom from almost 100 years ago.

Jump to Diabetes Series II now if you can’t contain your suspense.

Don’t forget to read until the end, we’ve left a quick guide downloadable about Type 2 Diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes – Part I

Type 2 Diabetes Information

The statistics are rather grim, but we can no longer deny the epidemic gripping the UK. Today, Diabetes is the fastest growing health threat in the world, and an urgent public health issue. Since 1996, the number of people living with diabetes has more than doubled. If nothing changes, it is estimated that over five million people in the UK will have diabetes.

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with Type II diabetes, you’re likely feeling a bit upset. For many of us, it can seem like the end of the world, especially if you, like many enjoy those sugary treats. But, many unfortunately don’t understand the dynamics around diabetes type II, and many don’t realise that by simply following a healthy diet, you can reverse the effects.

Yes, it does seem hard, but it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of great super foods you can eat that taste wonderful. The Gastric Mind Band is another great option, and you won’t only reverse type II diabetes, you can lose weight and get your health back.

Let’s go over everything we know about type 2 diabetes; as soon as you understand what it is, you can start on the path to better health.



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What is type 2 Diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder that results in hyperglycemia (high blood glucose levels) due to the body:

  • Being ineffective at using the insulin it has produced; also known as insulin resistance and/or
  • Being unable to produce enough insulin

More information on type 1 & type 2 diabetes

What is Insulin?

Diabetes and Glucose LevelsInsulin is a hormone produced in the pancreas by special cells, called beta cells. The pancreas is below and behind the stomach. Insulin is needed to move blood sugar (glucose) into cells. Inside the cells, glucose is stored and later used for energy.

When you have type 2 diabetes, your fat, liver, and muscle cells do not respond correctly to insulin. This is called insulin resistance. As a result, blood sugar does not get into these cells to be stored for energy.

If the sugar cannot enter the cells, then a high level of sugar starts to build up in the blood, and this is where things get bad. When this happens, it’s referred to as hyperglycemia and the body can no longer use the glucose for energy. This is when symptoms begin to show for type 2 diabetes.

Early symptoms of diabetes caused by a high blood sugar level may include:

  • Bladder, kidney, skin, or other infections that are more frequent or heal slowly
  • Fatigue
  • Hunger
  • Increased thirst
  • Increased urination
  • Blurred vision

The major health risk and problems associated with type 2 diabetes is associated with how long some people can go without being diagnosed. It usually develops slowly over time, with many not understanding their body or what’s happening. In these cases, people tend to convince themselves they are fine, and there is really no need for a trip to the doctor. While they wait however, serious things begin to happen to the body.

It might actually shock you to discover just how badly type 2 diabetes effects the ENTIRE body. This is why we felt the need to do this series of blogs, because most of the problems associated with being overweight directly correlates with diabetes. Even having sore or numb feet is a direct result of diabetes; even cracked or dry skin, even excess trips to the bathroom, a bad mood, lack of concentration, and many more.

Here’s the short list – you can check out this great graphic at healthline.com for more information:

  1. High blood pressure
  2. Stomach problems
  3. Heart disease
  4. Damaged nerves
  5. Damaged blood vessels

The connection between Type 2 Diabetes and Depression

Type 2 diabetes can directly affect your mood. In many cases, there can be a misdiagnosis, and people think they need anti-depressants instead of a blood test. This can be a very serious situation, and left untreated, type 2 diabetes can have such a horrible effect on the body, leading to possible amputation. Diabetes and Depression

It may sound dramatic but we assure you, the medical facts are there, and many people can attest to this particular outcome. Your mental health is of course important, but there is nothing wrong with first making an appointment to see your GP for a physical and a blood test. Once you take control of your sugar, and begin eating right and exercising, you will find your mood begins to stabilise – basically, you start to feel normal again.

Get started with regular physical activity

We’ve included a great download for you that will help keep your physical exercise in check. Regular physical activity is so important here, especially if you’ve recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Exercising even if you are not diabetic, but just overweight, can immediately start reversing bad effects on your body. Here’s a list of what you can expect just by simply walking for 30 minutes a day:

  • Lowers your blood sugar level without medicine
  • Burns extra calories and fat to help manage your weight
  • Improves blood flow and blood pressure
  • Increases your energy level
  • Improves your ability to handle stress

Feature: How Diabetes Affects the Brain

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Diabetes Type 2 – Series I Conclusion & Quick Guide Download

Fine, we will admit that exercising and eating healthy after so many years of abuse is very difficult, however, did you know that if you cut sugar completely out of your diet for just 21 days, you won’t want to touch it ever again?

We go over some of the best diets in series II of our Type 2 Diabetes blog.

Here is the quick guide including some disturbing facts about type 2 diabetes:

Type 2 Diabetes Quick Guide











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