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Lose Weight Today – How Can I lose Weight. So is it possible to lose weight right here, now today, well, medically of course the answer is yes, it may be just a small amount, but you can, with a little effort, wake up tomorrow morning weighing less than when you left your bed this morning.

In this article we will share with you a selection of proven ‘small’ changes you can effortlessly introduce into your life, right now, today, that we guarantee will ensure you comfortably achieve your desired steady, regular weight loss, each and every day over the coming months, until such time as you reach your goal weight. So the answer to How Can I lose Weight.

And, ‘small’ really is the most important word in the previous paragraph. In fact, undertaking small manageable, permanent and socially acceptable changes in your life, rather than those huge lifestyle, mega tsunami, turn your life up-side down changes, may just give you the edge, in your fight to finally ‘Smash Your Weight Loss Goals’. With hardly any exception, we have observed our Gastric Mind Band clients time and again asking How Can I lose Weight then achieving seemingly effortless permanent weight loss after incorporating these small changes into their lives. Incorporating changes that don’t turn their lives upside down, changes that are easy to incorporate in normal day to day living, as opposed to committing to live on Cabbage Soup as an example, or rising at dawn each morning and running to the gym. You can read a few of our past GMB clients stories here.

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  • Please Note: The award winning GMB Permanent Weight Loss Treatment is Non-Surgical, and Psychology Focused.

How Can I Lose Weight – Lose Weight Today. There are many ways to lose weight. Everyone with any interest in losing weight knows the science, and the very simple maths around calorie reduction versus energy expenditure, and its effect on the bathroom scales. But knowing it, and continually doing it, week in, week out, are of course two very different things, and far from as easy as many people would have us believe. Plus of course an increasing amount of evidence exists that is questioning the importance of calories and calorie counting.So the Question How Can I Loose Weight becomes even more confusing

Lose Weight Today

Ways to Lose Weight – so what could you really do differently if you want to Lose Weight Today? Well to start with, how about stopping, just mentally freezing time for a few moments? Before you order or eat that next item, how about for a change taking a few seconds to ask yourself, Why Am I Doing This? Are you eating because you’re bored, lonely or sad or maybe because you are watching TV or depressed? Or are you actually hungry, if you have not eaten for a number of hours then fine, eat something, but if not, consider what else you could do instead of just consuming another raft of calories, take a moment to consider the consequences of the action you are about to take.

At the Elite Clinic we introduce our clients to a smart little gadget that we present to them, it resembles a remote control device, we train them to Press the Pause Button, and just Think, sounds simple doesn’t it, but it works, read about our range of weight loss therapies here. In fact the device lead to the development of a brand new version of CBT Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, ‘Super CBT’ later it was upgraded and is now better known as TactileCBT, a book written by Martin and Marion Shirran was published globally on the subject by Hay House in New York. In fact the upgrade to CBT, as developed at the clinic has been the subject of two presentations at international Psychology Conferences, at Coimbra University in Portugal and Warsaw University in Poland.

Or, other ways to lose weight,  how about just reducing the portion sizes of each and every meal you have, try it for ten days; you will be amazed at how quickly it becomes the new ‘norm’. You may find new research around a strange thing called ‘Unit Bias’ of interest. Basically it explains how we have a bias towards units, sound weird, well yes, but. You see the researches proved that as a species we have this hard wired into us, we will eat, one chocolate bar or maybe two, but seldom do we eat one and a half. We will eat an apple, it maybe large or small, but how many times do people given a large red shiny red apple cut it into quarters and eat just three segments.

More interestingly, clients served a pasta meal in a restaurant on 80 gram plates reported that they were satisfied and would return, other clients were served on plates that held double the portion, 160 grams, they also cleaned their plate reporting that they also were satisfied and would return!!! One additional point, it is a fact that the human male species burns around 400 calories per day more than his female partner, but when they go to a Pizza restaurant and order two pizzas, they will be served two identical dishes, of the same weight and size….

So Yes You Can Lose Weight Today.

Finally, even though you have heard or read it hundreds of times, how about just slowing the whole thing down, not to a snail’s pace but just a little. All the stories we were told as children around, ‘chew it thirty times’ or ‘eat slowly you will make yourself ill’, maybe there was a little more science in it than we thought. It is true that it takes a fair number of minutes for the brain to register that it’s full based on the signals it receives from the stomach. Of course, if you are shoveling it in, the conveyor belt of food on the way to the stomach will continue to arrive for quite some time, that is when you get that ‘stuffed, cannot move feeling’. How about the next time you are out with friends having a meal, you play a little game with them, without them knowing of course.

More around ways to lose weight. The game will be that there will be a prize for the last person to finish eating their meal and putting their knife and fork down, if you win, if you become the slowest eater at the table, you will be on the right track. Start watching other people, those with a healthy relationship with food tend, naturally to be slow eaters. what of the prize, well if its you, you will certainly feel empowered, you may just have lost a little weight as well, plus, we guarantee you will have enjoyed your food more than anyone else…next time you are in a Chinese Restaurant, look around you to see how many ‘Fat’ people are eating with chop sticks, you will notice that the majority have requested a fork and spoon, that way they can of course shovel it in their mouths twice as quick..

The Gastric Mind Band Permanent Weight Loss Treatment has become the treatment of choice with both the public and celebrities alike. Over a thousand people have travelled to the British run clinic in Southern Spain to complete the Permanent Weight Loss Treatment. The approach does not involve restrictive dieting or exercise regimes, it is Psychology focused. On the Clinical Evidence page on this web site you can read details of the results of ongoing research. The many pages of Verified Case Studies on this site also point to an interesting level of success that compares with the surgical alternate, of course at a fraction of the price and with zero risks.There are ways to loose weight, visit the Elite Clinic and make it permanent. If you have any questions feel free to drop us an email, we look forward to helping you achieve what we believe is your birthright, that is to be the size and weight that you desire.

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