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The only diet that works because it’s not really a diet!virtual gastric band - the common sense diet

You’re likely thinking we’ve gone a bit mad. How can a diet that’s not really a diet work? The answer is good old fashioned common sense. If you want to really lose weight, and lose weight fast then keep reading. In this blog we will reveal secrets they don’t want you to know, “they” being the doctors who’ve sold out to big Pharma. And, you’ll be happy to know that here at the Gastric Mind Band, we use this “common sense” diet in our weigh loss hypnosis sessions with our clients.

Everything you need to know about the Low Carb, High Fat Diet (LCHF)

Type 2 diabetes quick factsLast month we wrote a 4 part series on type 2 diabetes – in this series we covered quite a bit of information, and if you read them, you might have also noticed a lot about the LCHF diet. LCHF stands for Low Carb, High Fat Diet and it works. How can we be so bold in our statement?

We’ll explain throughout this blog and prove to you that this diet, and this diet alone, works.

Check out our 4 part series on Type 2 Diabetes – this includes an inside look at what the medical community isn’t telling you. We also go into great detail about full reversal. YES, you can reverse type 2 diabetes, and we’ll show you how!

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Weight Loss Hypnosis and the LCHF Diet

In our very own therapy here at Gastric Mind Band, we use specific elements of the LCHF diet. Meaning, we include the most fundamental parts when it comes to the concept behind the LCHF diet. Through our testimonials, you will see that our therapies and weight loss hypnosis sessions can in fact reverse type 2 diabetes. So, the reason why we have such faith in the LCHF diet is because we’ve seen it work through our very own weight loss hypnotherapy sessions. You don’t have to believe us, just see what our clients have to say!

Check out more video testimonials from our YouTube channel.

Is the low carb, high fat diet just another fad?

If you like many find it hard to control your weight, you’ve likely heard about or even tried every fad diet out there. There are so many slogans yet in many respects, considering the marketing that goes into these fad diets, we’ve heard just about every tag line we can handle. Do you remember these famous fad diets? Weight Loss Hypnotherapy and the LCHF Diet

  • South Beach diet
  • Weight Watchers
  • Atkins diet
  • Paleo diet
  • Raw Food diet

Not to say these diets don’t work, we are certain these diets have helped millions of people. But, in many respects, these diets are restrictive, meaning you have to “cut out” something and it’s more than likely carbohydrates and all forms of sugar. Today, many diets are now telling us to eat organic or eat raw – this is a new fad, but one we think is off to a better start.

The LCHF combines many elements of those listed diets, but with some very important differences. One being, the LCHF bases its success rate on over 150 years of scientific data. We’re not exaggerating in the least! The LCHF diet isn’t a diet per say, but a way of life – this point is where we really want to focus on. The trouble with diets is the word “diets”. This may sound a bit crazy, but really think about it for a moment – let’s go back to eating raw to better explain.

Eat Clean – The Diet Book that wasn’t actually a diet

Eat Clean Revolution

Tosca Reno was a regular house-wife who struggled with her weight. After being challenged by her husband to get in shape and get involved in weight lifting challenges, Tosca Reno started a journey that would change her life forever. She is the woman who coined the Eat Clean Revolution, but what’s interesting is in the beginning, Tosca never really considered it a diet, she thought of it as common sense.

When she finally decided to share what she learned and write a book, she didn’t want to use the word “diet”, however, publishers told her, it would never sell without that word included. Tosca of course was reluctant, but had no choice but to agree. Can you imagine taking common sense and wrapping it up into a fad? But, this is the way our society works unfortunately and the same type of circumstances can be applied to the LCHF diet.

The LCHF diet is just common sense, much in the same way eating clean is. But what exactly is eating clean?

  • Eating clean foods only: whole, nutrient dense, well-sourced and property prepared foods
  • Avoiding all refined foods including sugar, refined grain products and fats
  • Eating several smaller means per day spaced about 2 to 3 hours a part so around 6 times per day
  • Never skipping a meal, and especially breakfast
  • Adjusting portion sizes that suit your body and physical output
  • Combining healthy fats, lean protein and complex carbs in each meal
  • Consuming healthy fats even those that are saturated
  • Drinking 2 to 3 liters of water per day

What is the LCHF diet?

The Diet Doctor and the Gastric Mind Band

In many ways, the LCHF isn’t really a diet, it should be viewed as a way of life. Just like eating clean and Tosca Reno’s revolution states that eating clean should last a lifetime, the LCHF is asking you to commit to a better way of eating for the rest of your life.

A low carb diet means you get effortless weight loss, type 2 diabetes reversal and many other health benefits. You can eat all you want, feeling fully satisfied and there is no calorie counting like in many other fad diets. There is no products involved, no diet pills or any other pills, no need for surgery like the gastric band, just real food. With the LCHF diet, you get to eat delicious real foods that includes protein, natural fats and veggies.

Lowering your carbohydrate in-take just works. It’s been proven time and time again, and the LCHF diet bases its claim on over 150 years of study. So, you might be asking, if we’ve known this for over 150 years, where the heck did we go wrong? Well, this happened because of fad dieting and it started in the 80’s. The fear of “fat” was drilled into our brains, metaphorically speaking of course, but drilled none the less.

Low-fat products became the norm, and we didn’t know back then that those types of products contain so many harmful chemicals and other horrible additives. But even worse, by eating less fat, naturally our bodies want more carbohydrates to feel satisfied. Therefore, the worst epidemics in history would be begin – this was obesity and diabetes. The hardest hit by this epidemic was the US, and the UK today is catching up.

The LCHF diet is weight loss without the hunger

The LCHF diet will make it easier for the body to use its fat reserves. This is because their release will no longer be blocked by high insulin levels. This has been shown in a number of studies, and when people eat all they want on a low carb diet, the calorie intake will typically drop.

In scientific studies, the LCHF diet has improved blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol profiles. Even stomach problems were reversed, and best of all, people on the LCHF had less cravings for sweet foods.

Why argue with common sense? If you really want to lose weight naturally without the aid of pills or possibly painful surgery, then eating lower carbs is the answer. There’s really no secret to it, and your lifestyle will be the better for it.








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