The Importance of Losing Weight Before Knee or Hip Surgery


We Can Help You Lose Weight Before an Operation

The importance of losing weight before knee or hip surgery cannot be underestimated. Luckily for you, you have come to just the right place to get your pre-op weight loss journey started. Here at the GMBand weight loss clinic, we specialise in pre and post-surgery weight loss we are perfectly positioned to help you achieve your weight loss goals and requirements – and maintain the results too! Over 1,700 people have travelled to the clinic in Spain already for the Gold Standard Treatment. Here’s why losing weight before an operation is a good idea.

Eases the pressure on your joints

It’s common knowledge that being overweight puts much more pressure on your joints. If you are going to have an operation on your hip or knee, it’s imperative that you help the healing process as much as possible. If you lose weight before your operation, your joints will be under much less strain. So your knee or your hip will not need to work so hard and will have ample opportunity to heal and regain full mobility.

Makes physio easier

If you get into a routine of eating healthily and being at your target weight following your GMB treatment, you’ll be in much better condition to get mobile again after your operation. If you have an operation on your knee or hip, chances are you will have to do physiotherapy. Being at your optimum weight will make the entire process more productive, with less pain and that you will be back to full strength much quicker.

Can prevent complications during an operation

It’s no secret that being overnight or obese can lead to complications in the operating theatre. It is a fact that many surgeons will not operate on a patient if their degree of obesity is too high. A successful operation totally depends on the successful administration of anaesthetic drugs. The amount of anaesthesia a person needs is calculated using their weight – and so a higher weight can complicate those calculations.  A higher level of body fat can make it harder to find a vein too, further complicating the process.

Can help you fight infection

The risks do not end when your operation is over. Infections are something that we are all worried about – especially now as we learn more and more about antibiotic resistance. If you are overweight, you have an elevated risk of infection. This could delay your recovery, and even see you admitted back into hospital. So it’s a really good idea to start your hip or knee surgery weight loss journey now, to give yourself the best possible chance of keeping infection at bay.

Takes the pressure off your heart

Being overweight means that you are more at risk of cardiac problems. Surgery puts a lot of pressure on the body, the cardiovascular system in particular. So if you are overweight when you go under the knife, you are at a much higher risk of developing cardiac issues during and after surgery. These include heart attacks, strokes, angina, blood clots and high blood pressure. So losing weight before an operation won’t just make you feel better, it could save your life.

We can help!

As you can see, the benefits of losing weight ahead of knee or hip surgery really are substantial. If you want some help achieving your pre knee or hip surgery weight loss goals, then we are here to offer assistance. We use cognitive behaviour therapy, which you may know as CBT, and other psychology-based techniques, incorporating Clinical Hypnosis to help you to change your relationship with food.  Sessions are tailored to each individual, so you can be sure that the approach used is going to be ideally suited to you and your weight loss goals.

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