The Benefits of Losing Weight for Surgery

Here at GMBand, we welcome lots of clients looking to lose weight and change their lives. While many people come to us in order to lose weight to boost their confidence and look better, we are also seeing an increase in people looking to lose weight for surgery.

Whatever your surgical procedure involves, there are so many benefits to being at a healthy weight before you head into the operating room. Here are some reasons why you should look into losing weight before your operation – and how we could help you to do so.

You Can Prevent Cardiac Complications

Most people are aware that if you are overweight, you are more at risk of developing heart and cardiovascular problems. However, having surgery can complicate things further. An operation can put a lot of stress on the body, and this coupled with the effects of anaesthesia can make you more susceptible to things like heart attack, stroke, angina, blood clots and high blood pressure. So losing weight will cut your risk of these problems.

Anaesthesia Will Pose Less of a Risk

A successful and pain free operation depends on the smooth administration of anaesthesia. Unfortunately, if you are overweight this can lead to difficulty for your anaesthetist. A person’s weight is what is used to determine the dose of anaesthetics, and someone being overweight can complicate these calculations. It may be harder to find a vein too, and inserting a breathing tube can be difficult. So it does pay to shift a few pounds before an operation.

Prevent Infections

In order to heal properly, a wound needs a good supply of blood and oxygen. If you are overweight or obese, the amount of oxygen in your blood can be greatly reduced. So your wound may not heal as quickly, which can lead to infection. You may need further hospital treatment or a course of antibiotics – which as we all know are not as effective as they once were. If you lose weight, you are giving yourself a much better chance of healing quickly.

You Will Be Ready to Recover

Leading a healthy lifestyle is crucial to recovering fully after an operation. If you are already in good shape, you will find it much easier to start exercising after your surgery – both physically and mentally.

A healthy diet will give your body all the fuel it needs to heal properly too. If you have bad eating habits, you are going to find it much harder to stick to a healthy and balanced diet. Putting in the hard work before your operation will make it much easier to get back to full fitness afterwards.

How We Can Help

So, what is the best way of losing weight before surgery? Well, we believe that we have found the answer. We work closely with each of our clients, getting to know them and understanding their individual weight loss goals. We know losing weight is a different journey for everyone – and tailor our approach with each client.

Using cognitive behaviour therapy, more commonly known as CBT, and other psychology-based techniques, we help you to change your relationship with food. This gives you the power to ditch those unhealthy habits for good. It’s a long-term fix, with none of the risks associated with fad diets or weight loss surgery.

Talk to Us Today

Before any weight loss treatment, it’s important to consult with your doctor. As well as other valuable advice, they will be able to tell you how much weight would be good for you to lose. For some people, that may be a large number – but that makes no difference to us. If losing weight before surgery seems like a daunting task, we’re here to offer you all the support you need.

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