Hitting Pause: An Introduction To Pause Button Therapy

Brain FunctionPause Button Therapy was developed over five years by qualified hypnotherapists Martin and Marion Shirran of Gastric Mind Band at their Elite Clinic in Spain where GMB treatments take place.

The idea behind Pause Button Therapy is simple – to stop, and think about what you are doing and making an informed choice, as opposed to making snap decisions on a whim.

Every day, so many of us make decisions in a rush or without thinking it through, and are hit with a feeling of regret shortly after. Whether it be “I shouldn’t have had that extra biscuit” or “I shouldn’t have said that” it’s something we are all guilty of in one context or another.

But what if we could teach ourselves to press a Pause button on our decisions. What if we could also hit Fast Forward and Rewind to actually realise how we feel about each of these rash decisions, at the time and how we might feel later on about the consequences?

Pause Button Therapy is a new strand of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy that works as a tactile intervention into our bad habits, whatever they may be, and empowers us to break the negative cycle.

In short, it aims to help you mentally freeze time, to consider what you are about to do, and adjust your behaviour accordingly.

Rather doing things out of habit, it teaches you to Pause. Think. Decide. Act.icon-theraphy

For example: you are about to reach for the pack of biscuits that are on the table. With Pause Button Therapy, you will learn to take a few seconds to decide whether you are really hungry, and really NEED that extra biscuit, or whether you just WANT it because it’s there, and because you can. You can also fast forward to consider the consequences: will you be struck with pangs of guilt after, when you realise you didn’t need it only when it was too late? Is a mere extra biscuit really worth breaking your diet?

Pause Button Therapy helps you to develop an emotional connection with the consequences of responding in a particular way to food or other negative behaviours. It will allow you to begin making more informed choices and decisions on a daily basis, ultimately having a positive effect on all aspects of your life.

For anyone who wants to make a change in their life, and stop repeating the same mistakes time and again.

Martin and Marion Shirran have published a book with Hay House, explaining in much more depth, the workings of Pause Button Therapy. To order your copy now, click here.

Pause Button Therapy also plays a part in the Gastric Mind Band treatment, helping people to address their habits with food and change their way of thinking from simply WANTING more food, to empowering them to ask themselves if they really NEED more food.

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