Resisting Temptation: 3 Top Tips for Beating Food Cravings

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We have all succumbed to a food craving at one time or another, whether it be cake, your favourite crisps or melt in the mouth chocolate. Gastric hypnotherapy is a great way to get these cravings under control and lead a healthier lifestyle. Check out below for some great tips on how to conquer cravings before looking at gastric hypnotherapy:

Assess your mood

Are you bored? Feeling stressed out from work? A lot of the time we turn to junk food as a source of letting off some steam. A treat to relieve any angst or frustration you may be feeling. How many times have you come home tired and worked up and thought a takeaway would be the perfect mood lifter? Of course food is great and it is always good to reward yourself. However having an understanding of what is causing these impulsive feelings is a great way of cutting down junk food binges. You can look at alternative ways to placate these feelings, go to the cinema with friends, or have a calming bath.

Are you getting enough sleep?

Not getting enough sleep can cause you to feel hungry! A lack of sleep can cause a hormone imbalance which makes us feel hungrier, combine this with the general grouchiness normally accompanied by being tired and you’re on your way to a food binge. Getting a good night’s sleep can help prevent this, leaving you feeling more energetic. Alternatively, if sleep is hard to come by the caffeine can also help.

Fill your house with healthy replacements

How many times have you said: “If it wasn’t there I wouldn’t eat it.” Well you’re in control of what goes in your kitchen cupboards and so if you fill it with unhealthy snacks then the chances are you’re more likely to grab something quick and easy then prepare a healthy meal. Try to replace the usual suspects with healthy alternatives. Instead of biscuits have fruit, instead of cake try low fat popcorn. Try being inventive with the different healthier foods you can have. Healthy does not mean tasteless and there are plenty of healthy snacks that can satisfy your cravings.

If you found these tips helpful then you’re going to want to check out our gastric hypnotherapy, when combined with these tips is the perfect combination to get you shedding those pounds and leading a healthier life. Check out our gastric hypnotherapy treatment, plus lots of other actionable and proven weight loss tips by downloading our free guide How to Smash Your Weight Loss Goals Without Crash Dieting. Simply click on the image below to get your copy now!

gastric hypnotherapy

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