Lose weight for love? Why not lose weight for yourself!

It’s a term we’ve heard time and time again, in order for you to truly love someone you have to love yourself first. By now, this phrase sounds more like a cliché, a cliché that’s been around the block several times and is wearing thin. But, when television shows like the BBCs Lose Weight for Love hits the airways for millions to see, it’s time we woke up an old cliché and gave it a makeover.

Lose Weight for Love - BBC

I am adamantly against the basis of this show, and in many ways, I am offended for the millions of women across the UK. In a world where women had to fight tooth and nail to even get the slightest bit of equality, and with more hoops to jump through yet, the BBC in all of its glory decides to send them hurdling back though time.

Weight loss and yo-yo dieting seems to rule our world at the moment, and not because many finally want to get healthy, but because they are giving in to the absurd amount of pressures in the media. Thankfully some things are changing, and countries are even going as far as passing laws that state you can no longer manipulate images with Photoshop that give models an un-realistic body. Our young girls are bombarded with this type of crap all day long, and it’s time we all stood up and said enough is enough!

This show begs the question “should you be losing weight for love”? I’m asking, why don’t you lose weight and start living life to the fullest? Weight loss isn’t about an ideal body type that is completely exaggerated and un-realistic; no, weight loss is about staying healthy, getting more active, changing your attitude in such a way that love finds you.

There was a lovely story that came out of the US a few years back, about a woman who wanted to surprise her military husband. She committed to getting the weight off, and given the time she had because military deployment can last up to a year; she managed to shed the weight for the love of her life. But, keep in mind, he was still travelling home to see the woman he loved no matter in what state he left her.

Here’s a clip of the story:

The point is, she chose to do something special for her husband, and although the shock factor worked, and her husband was very impressed and proud, he would have been happy to see her regardless of her weight.

Now, losing weight to keep love or get more respect from a lover; well this is where things can be very debatable. I am a strong advocate for a healthy lifestyle as you can already determine from readying this blog, and I strongly believe that being happy starts within you. I also believe in positive attitude, and changing your overall outlook on life.

Your ultimate happiness lies within making changes for your own benefit. Weight loss for example doesn’t have to be the golden ticket to life, there are plenty of overweight people in the world who are successful in business, life and love. Weight loss is only achieved through commitment, and committing to yourself first before anyone else is at least the silver ticket to get things started.

Yes, in my humble opinion this show is a colossal waste of time and energy, and the message it sends doesn’t help with the fight for equality and respect. Respect is usually earned when you take an honest approach to the situations at hand; respect can also be determined by how well you face what life throws at you.

You can both sit back and get un-healthy and not care anymore about your own wellbeing; or you can finally care about number one, and at the end of the day, you are number one!

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