GM Band Features on ITV’s This Morning – Two Sister’s Amazing Weight Loss Transformation

Sisters, Sharon and Jackie made an appearance on ITV’s This Morning show, presenting their amazing weight loss transformation which they achieved through the Gastric Mind Band permanent weight loss treatment. Both sisters lost a combined total of 10 stone after undergoing our treatment, we think this is truly exceptional.

After tuning into the Gastric Mind Band segment last year in July, when Martin and Marion made an appearance explaining the weight loss treatment, Sharon and Jackie decided that it was time to turn their life around and start to feel confident again.

What Hypnotherapy Treatment Did Sharon and Jackie Receive?

On arrival at the Gastric Mind Band Clinic in Spain, the sisters individually discussed the issues they experience with managing their portion sizes. A few of the main discussion points were:

  • Their daily intake and consumption of food.
  • Why they’re eating what they’re eating?
  • How they’d wish to improve their overall health and wellbeing?

Throughout the three/four-day course of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Martin and Marion began the brain retraining where they reset and re-educated the sisters outlook on food; focusing on mindful eating as well as being cautious about their food choices.

The Outcome of Their Hypnosis Treatment

Once the treatment was conducted, both Sharon and Jackie were able to re-evaluate and make informed decisions about the types of food they choose to eat. During the interview with Eamon Holmes and Rochelle Humes, they described that their journey made them ‘feel fantastic’ and allowed them to ‘think clearer’. Now they can recognise the recommended daily intake of food as well as their body physically telling them that they feel full.

Compared to their eating habits before undergoing the Gastric Mind Band treatment the volume of food and number of calories they consume is now, unrecognisable. They both exclaimed that ‘the treatment took away all of the hard work’, such as the addictive cravings and consumption of comfort foods that they used to intake.

The Gastric Mind Band Treatment Bought the Sisters Closer Together

Having experienced the hypnosis treatment together, Sharon and Jackie have felt it has brought them much closer together, improving their relationship. They even send each other daily pictures of what they’re eating! The weight loss transformation has allowed them to feel more confident and self-assured when going about their daily life.

At the Gastric Mind Band Clinic, our main objective is to transform bad habits into an overall positive mindset. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy combined with Neuro Linguistic Programming allows conscious decisions and internal feelings to be programmed into a neurological behavioural response.

If you feel you could benefit from cognitive behavioural therapy, just like Jackie and Sharon did, then feel free to contact us.



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