Client Stories: Lauren D’s Weight Loss Journey Part IV


I Need To Lose Weight, and Fast!!!

The following Blog Post has been written by Lauren D. from the South of England, other than adding images, it is verified and unedited. The blog is to be updated every few weeks.

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It has been a couple of months since my last blog and if i am honest it has been quite a journey.

The past 10 weeks have been a bit of a rollercoaster, lots of highs and some lows. I knew this weight loss journey would sometimes be a challenge, but at times it has tested my strength and determination to keep pushing on.

So the highs, I’ve lost a further stone so total weight loss since visiting GMBand is 3 stone, 42 pounds which is a pretty amazing achievement in just 4 months. It’s the most I have ever lost on a weight loss regime in my life so I do feel really chuffed with myself and my decision to travel to Spain to have the treatment. Now finally people have started to notice my weight loss, they may have noticed before but finally they are starting to say how great I look and ask how I have achieved the weight loss. These comments have been a bit of a double edge sword for me. A part of me is feeling delighted that I look different and it’s noticeable, im actually the lowest weight I have been in 6 years so I am feeling great.

The downside is I have allowed myself to take my foot off the pedal and have a little celebration of my achievements. My rewards have not been of anything extravagant nor indulgent, but they have found me stuck in a slump, whereby my weight has remained pretty consistent over a 4 Week period, fluctuating up and down over 3 lbs, which has been frustrating.

If you have read my other blogs you will know I was highly addicted to sugar and one of my biggest fears on this journey was slipping up and not remaining in control. When I have spoken to Marion and Martin previously during a catch up, I likened it to a drug addict falling off the wagon. Sure enough it’s what happened, I found myself eating a little sugar again and felt I was in danger of falling back into my old ways. I can pinpoint the day it started, Friday 20th July, one of my parents whose child I care for, gifted me a box of chocolates.

I put the chocolates in my dining room out of sight, but they sat and spoke to me all bloody day. I know they weren’t really talking to me but I felt as if they were saying “I’m still here come and eat me”. That evening I was watching TV with my partner, it was the start of the school holidays, I received lots of comments in the playground that day regarding my weight loss and thought to myself have just one. Well one became three and I soon felt sick as a pig, I took the box and emptied them into the bin, ensuring I would eat no more.

That weekend turned into a bit if a disaster, we went out for dinner, I indulged a little then on Sunday we had a roast dinner. I vowed to get it out of my system and start a fresh on Monday. The rollercoaster had begun, the sugar was making me feel tired and lethargic and I was craving more sugar to give me more energy. Everything was just as Marion and Martin had said it would be.

Martin and Marion had been trying to contact me over the past few weeks, it was time I spoke to them and get a grip of what was happening, I was sabotaging my efforts and I was not going to ruin my hard work. I dropped them a message and 24 hours and a couple of emails later I was booked in for a top up session at their clinic in Spain.
I am actually writing this blog on my journey home from Spain. As always both Marion and Martin were very welcoming, they give you a sense of us all being on this weight loss journey together, I never feel on my own or unsupported by them.

I sat down with Marion and talked through what I had been doing, why I had been doing it and how I was going to make changes when I return back to the UK. As always Marion allows me just to speak, she has a magic way of allowing me to reach my own answers and conclusions. From chatting wirh Marion I soon realised it wasnt just about what I had been eating it was much more, I had stopped my usual routine, that had worked so well that had already delivered an incredible 42 pound weight loss.
It then went into Martins room, it was his turn to talk things through with me, Martin has a very different approach, Martin is honest and if I am talking nonsense he will tell me and give me a reality check. It’s his way of saying get a grip woman, but done in a totally professional way. Martin and Marion complement each other so well with how they work with each other.

I then finished my top up session visit with another personalised hypnosis session.

I now feel ready to tackle the next half of my weight loss journey. I have at least another 3 stone to lose. My interim target is 21lbs. bring it on!

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