5 Gastric Band Success Stories That Didn’t Involve Surgery

Surgery Free Weight Loss 

Surgery Free Weight Loss

It is said that seeing is believing, and to confirm your belief in gastric bypass hypnosis we have a selection of just a few of the many success stories that we have had and show that you needn’t go under the knife to lose weight!


Arthur struggled with his weight for the majority of his life, gradually putting on weight until he finally came in at 20 and a half stone. Arthur, like many who struggle with their weight, tried a plethora of different diets and weight losing tricks, which saw him yo-yo in weight without any sustained results. He eventually began to consider gastric band surgery when his wife put him in the direction of gastric bypass hypnosis. Since undergoing the therapy he has lost over 50 pounds in weight and claims to feeling more energised and happier with life and his appearance.

Joh and her Surgery Free Weight Loss.

Joh had experience dieting before, getting ready for her wedding she managed to lose two stone in weight. However after the big day the weight quickly started to return and after giving birth she reached 13 stone. She decided to pursue gastric bypass hypnosis and has since lost 4 stone in weight and kept it off, allowing her to have much more energy when playing with her young son.

Sarah Price

When Sarah came to us for gastric bypass hypnosis she was over 20 stone and morbidly obese. Her weight was affecting her health, leaving her lethargic and struggling to breathe. Having initially set a weight target of 14 stone, it wasn’t too long until Sarah smashed this target and now stands proud at 9 stone 12lbs, a weight loss of 10 stone! Half her body weight and describes gastric bypass hypnosis as “certainly one of the better decisions in my life”.


Aged just 18, Katie was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Hypoinsulism, which can make weight loss very challenging. She tried differently diets but eventually ended up at 17 and a half stone, at which point she got in touch and decided to give gastric bypass hypnosis a go. The therapy was a resounding success helping Katie to understand why she was eating and what better alternatives would be, this approach has helped her to lose 7 stone.


When Alison got married she was a happy and healthy 10 stone, however she later ballooned to 17 stone. The weight was causing her joint pain as well as leaving her with dangerously high blood pressure. Since undergoing gastric bypass hypnosis she has lost 70 pounds in weight and is happier and healthier than ever, whilst her pains have subsided.

Still Not Convinced about Surgery Free Weight Loss?

If you are still unsure about the success rate of gastric bypass hypnosis with Gastric Mind Band, why not take a look at some real life video testimonials from clients who have themselves been through the process. Their virtual gastric band reviews hear them talk about their thoughts, feelings and experiences with weight loss. To watch, visit our YouTube channel by clicking here.

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Surgery Free Weight Loss

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