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This surreal situation we all find ourselves in, to most must surely resemble a nightmare that we just want to wake up from, enabling us all to get our lives back to something like normal. We know from the many emails we are receiving and the many articles in the press that ‘Weight Gain’ during this period of Lock Down and the gaining of the aptly named CoronaStone is very real.

For over ten years, we have provided our normally clinic-based Permanent Weight Loss treatment, the Gastric Mind Band, via Skype, for those people who, for whatever reason, could not commit to travelling to the clinic in Spain.

We already knew that many people eat for reasons other than hunger, such as when they are bored, stressed, depressed, sad, lonely, or maybe tired. But the near 24 hour a day lock-in is pushing everyone to their limit. Add to this of course the binge watching on NetFlix, the increased alcohol consumption for many of us, and it almost magically manifests itself into the perfect storm….that is the CoronaStone.

So what can we do to help…? For a limited period we are offering everyone a Pay As You Go option to complete the GMB Skype treatment, at home, live ‘one on one’ with either Marion or Martin Shirran.

The initial first session will be charged at £125, all following sessions are charged at £95 each and payable ahead of each session. Please note: the sessions can be taken at the frequency selected by yourself, you are under no obligation to complete any more sessions than you wish. But First…lets have a completely free of charge, no obligation chat, we can answer any questions you may have and explain how it works, then you can go away and think about it. Contact us on the form on the right ‘Skype Offer’ or use the Contact Us form at the bottom of the page, we look forward to speaking to you.

People often say, that if it sounds too good to be true then it is, we believe this is an exception. You have nothing to lose, other than that CoronaStone, or maybe two!

Free Skype Trial Offer

  • Please Note: The award winning GMB Permanent Weight Loss Treatment is Non-Surgical, and Psychology Focused.

PAYG First Session £125


PAYG Session £95


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The Skype sessions can be taken (subject to availability) either in the morning, afternoon, or early evening. Additionally, a limited number of sessions are available over the weekend.

So how do you proceed? Well you can fill in the contact form below on this page, we will get straight back to you and arrange your scheduled session slot, or you can request a completely free Skype/Zoom or Whats-app call. We will also be happy to email you a little additional information, along with our Skype contact details: it just could not be any easier!

Payment for the initial or follow up sessions can simply be made by clicking on the Pay Now Button below, allowing you to pay by Debit, or Credit Card, or even PayPal.

So instead of giving into temptation to snack or binge, why not use this time to make healthy and permanent changes? We are here to help you permanently change your mindset and attitude towards food, so that we can introduce a little extra positivity into all of our lives, and you can come out of this horrible situation, the same weight or less than when you started.

Remember… The GMB Skype-based treatment is completed on a strictly one-on-one basis with you and either Marion or Martin Shirran. There are no group sessions, no pre-recorded elements, everything except the pre-recorded Hypnosis Audio files is provided live, and it’s available at a time that’s convenient to you.



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For more information on our Gastric Mind band therapy and how it can transform your life for the better, please contact us today and we will be in touch.