Gastric Mind Band: an overview

The Gastric Mind Band (GMB) treatment is conducted over four sessions, usually over three or four days. This page is a short Overview Gastric Mind Band introduction. It is appreciated that everyone who undertakes GMB is an individual, and deserves to be treated as such; for this reason, particular sections of the therapy are personalised and unique, resulting in each GMB treatment plan having a number of exclusive elements. The treatment was developed over a tern year period by Martin & Marion Shirran.  You can read an in depth description of all the GMB treatments offered in the About GMB section of the site.

Each of the four sessions is highly structured and designed to instigate the client to start asking very deep, psychological questions of themselves, some of which they might not have previously considered relevant. The aim is to produce certain changes within the client, which will culminate in them achieving their desired weight loss and, more importantly, being able to maintain it for the rest of their life.

Overview Gastric Mind Band

So how exactly does it work? Is it really possible to use various techniques and therapies to convince someone that they have undergone a surgical procedure when, in reality, they haven’t, or to be able to change someone’s lifelong habits? At the Elite Clinic we believe so; we often instigate change in people’s thinking patterns, helping hardened cocaine users to “walk away”, when they previously believed it was impossible, or smokers to drop a twenty-year habit in a heartbeat.

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  • Please Note: The award winning GMB Permanent Weight Loss Treatment is Non-Surgical, and Psychology Focused.

We should never underestimate the power of the mind and the whole “Placebo Effect”. Medical libraries are full of clinically documented trials investigating the power of the human mind, and the part that the placebo plays; the scientific interest in the Mind Body Link is now stronger than at any time in history.

The GMB sessions involve a combination of our unique blend of therapies, and are conducted at a pace and in a manner to suit you as an individual. It is normal practice at the Elite Clinic in Spain, for both Martin and Marion to be involved in your GMB experience, each of them specalising in their own particular field of therapy. The treatment will involve you being asked to participate in some short term changes in your eating patterns, to help you re-tune into your body’s natural reflexes.

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