Weighing It Up: Why A Hypnotic Gastric Band Is More Cost-Effective Than Surgery

hypnotic gastric band cost

Dieting can be expensive, whether it’s buying alternative foods and replacing cheap ready-made meals to gym memberships, dieting can cost money. It would be naïve to think that money isn’t an important factor in choosing the correct lifestyle for yourself. Having a full understanding of the hypnotic gastric band cost can help you see why it is such a cost effective method for losing weight and leading a healthy life.

Our hypnotic gastric band cost is less than half of what a surgical gastric band could cost you, with surgery costing up to (And sometimes over) £5,000. Then there is the recovery time, you can be in hospital for up to a week whilst it may take up to 6-8 weeks before you can begin exercising. This means that if you have a labour intensive job you may be out of pocket a lot more than your original investment. With the hypnotic gastric band, you will have a 4 day course and that’s it, no recovery time, no pain or risk of further complications. We will also support you on your journey to getting fit and healthy, whilst the course may only last 4 days, the support is forever.

Let us also consider the reality of having gastric band surgery. Whilst for a lot of people the surgery does indeed help them lose weight, it also takes a lot of will power and determination. If you carry on eating junk food and high calorie meals, even with a gastric band you will not be healthy. Whilst the hypnotic gastric band cost may seem high as an initial charge for a dieting plan, it is a long term strategy. This means that we can help you change the way your perceive food, so that you eat less and eat healthier. This approach is a more assured and safer way of losing weight healthily.

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hypnotic gastric band cost

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