Client Stories: Lauren D’s Weight Loss Journey Part III – The Plan of Action

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Lauren is sharing her personal weight loss journey with our followers and visitors. This is her third blog, other than adding images, it is verified and unedited. for a look at the very beginning, please follow the links below: The blog is to be up dated every few weeks.

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Lauren’s Plan – The Road to Successful Weight Loss

So, I’m back home and have a plan. I know what I need to do, I feel totally in control. When I left the Elite Clinic in weight managementSpain I understood that one thing I needed to do was remove, or at least reduce, the sugar from my diet. During one of the sessions at the clinic, Marion had spent a lot of time explaining how and why sugar was making weight loss an uphill struggle for me. I have decided to try to reduce sugar and insulin spiking foods from my diet.

I learnt so much during the GMB sessions, and felt a little angry that I had never been given the correct info to aid weight loss in the past. All my past dieting attempts had ultimately failed, I had paid good money for something that just did not deliver…..

Whilst sat at Malaga airport waiting for my flight home I completed my online food shop, which was different; I choose chicken, salads, stir fry vegetables, Greek yogurt and raspberries, with no ready meals. The biggest change this week is going to be drinking water, lots of water and no diet coke.

During the evenings in Fuengirola I spent time looking at a website Marion recommended to me. I found this website full of honest, knowledgeable information and most importantly fabulous recipes to try.

To ensure I stay on track I have been listening to the copies of my Hypnosis recordings that Marion made for me whilst I was going through the GMB treatment. With a 5 year old it is hard to find some quiet time to do it, so I have been listening to my Hypnosis recordings in the bath, which seems to be working well.

Thursday, day 4, my family was hit with the news that my granddad had passed away. My normal reaction would have been to reach for the biscuits, or chocolate or anything sweet for that matter and comfort eat, but not today, not anymore. I haven’t just gone through the past 4 days for nothing. I am going to have to stay at my Nan’s for a few days and this is going to be challenging. I grew up with my Nan and as I learnt during the GMB sessions in Spain some of the eating behaviours I have now, do stem from my upbringing. My Nan loves a pudding and no word of a lie; she offers pudding for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When I told her I was flying to Spain for a weight loss programme her response was oh another one. I tried to simplify what would happen in Spain and loosely said (keeping it simple) I would be convinced I’ve had a gastric band fitted, her response……that’s going to take some bloody convincing…….ever the optimist my Nan!

Anyhow, I went to my Nan’s loaded up with food choices that I knew would help me, I will prove her wrong! I must add that following the GMB treatment all the changes seemed almost effortless.

Week 2: week commencing 16/4

Weigh in 18st 6lb

Loss 6lb

Total loss 6lb

WOW!!!!!! 6lb weight loss, I can’t believe I have achieved such a weight loss, never before have I lost that amount in 1 week, I think the most weight I ever managed to lose in one week was with Weight Watchers and that was 3.5lb. The thing I am noticing the most following the GMB treatment is that I am eating smaller portions, but still feeling full and satisfied. I know that I never had a Gastric Band fitted, but somehow something has changed.

My skin is starting to get clearer and the eczema on my hands is improving, I’m guessing this is all the water I am drinking. In the past I cooked meals from scratch for the children I care for; I never really bothered with my own meals, often eating a ready meal or even worse a takeaway. I know I have to change my eating habits a little, as ultimately I don’t want to be fat any more.

Week 3: week commencing 23/4

Weigh in 18st 3lb

Loss 3lb

Total loss 9lb

Another loss! I’m in the swing of things now. I am aiming for 2lb per week. I am feeling incredibly focused and want to take my new knowledge and understanding around carbohydrate and its effect on the hormones Ghrelin and Peptide YY (PYY) that Marion explained to me to the next stage. I have signed up for an app on my phone called Carb Manager.  The app enables you to keep a food diary and has the ability to barcode scan your food, so super easy to keep on top of what you are and should be eating.

We went to the seaside on Sunday for a family day out. Usually a trip to the seaside involves fish and chips, ice cream and donuts. We all went to the fish and chip shop and I just ordered a piece of cod, removed the batter and thoroughly enjoyed it. My family tell me they are amazed at the change in me and my eating habits and so am I, almost without being aware I am making different choices.

Week 4: week commencing 30/4

Weigh in 17st 13lb

Loss 4lb

Total loss 13lb

Another weight loss week, I’m just 1lb from losing a stone. I feel ready to up my game this week, so I have decided to join a gym. If I am honest I am worried I am going to lose my weight and end up with lots of excess skin and need surgery to remove it. I think if I can tone up whilst I lose weight then the end result shouldn’t be too severe. I have found a gym local to me which is open 24 hrs. My day usually starts at 6.30am, so I need to hit the gym for 5am to ensure I am home for 6.30am. I also think the gym will be quieter at silly o clock, so there won’t be too many people seeing me almost die on the cross trainer. I signed up online and went to collect my membership key card. I had to go in during normal hours to collect it. The gym was crazy busy and I felt as soon as I stepped through the door all eyes were on me, the fat girl. The personal trainer, who gave me my key card, offered me a tour of the gym. I politely declined; no way was I going to walk around this gym with all eyes on me. I would figure it out in the morning. I am feeling so confident, and slightly mystified at just how easy this is.

4.30am on Tuesday my alarm went off. Up I got and headed to the gym. I was nervous, what if it was busy again. What if I make a fool of myself? Then I thought back to what Martin said in Spain. When he sees a fat person running or power walking, he thinks good on them, at least they are doing something about it, not just getting fatter, and that’s exactly what I thought. I am doing something about my weight, so sod them! I did 20 minutes on the cross trainer, I was convinced the handful of people in the gym could hear my every breath, or pant! I also managed 20 mins on the bike. I left the gym feeling great. My goal was to attend every other day.

Week 5: week commencing 7/5

Weigh in 17st 10lb

Loss 3lb

Total loss 16lb

For some reason I am feeling slightly disappointed with my weight loss this week. 3lb is a good loss but I was hoping for more, especially now I am exercising. One noticeable thing occurred this week, as I walked down stairs my knees weren’t rubbing together. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a big change, but my knees felt different.

As I spent this week moaning about my weight loss, my mother in law suggested I try on some of last year’s holiday clothes.She keeps telling me she can see the weight loss, especially my face and chest.  As I am going on holiday next week I thought I may as well. Let year I tried on an orange dress that I had worn in 2016; I couldn’t do it up last year and bust the zip and had to have it repaired. This would be the ultimate test. I tried it on and to my total surprise it fits! In fact all my holiday clothes that didn’t fit last year now fit. I am overjoyed, I really am, I have a whole new summer wardrobe. It spurred me on to go through my winter clothes and dump everything. No way am I going backwards, I am never going to wear those winter clothes again, especially that horrible green oversize woolly jumper dress that I had been hiding away in for the past 2 winters.

Week 6: week commencing 14/5

Weigh in 17st 8lb

Loss 2lb

Total loss 18lb
Unhealthy food choices
This week I am feeling scared, I am due to go to Florida on Friday for our annual family holiday. Usually our holidays are planned around food, especially what restaurants we would be eating in. The temptation is massive, large portions, amazing desserts, what if I fall off the wagon? I can only imagine my feelings are that of someone with a drink or drug problem, which sounds extreme but it is how I feel. For me right now this holiday has come at completely the wrong time, for the first time in my life I am focused on me and my weight loss and I am in control, what if I mess it right up by caving in to temptation.  I tell myself to get a grip, it’s just food, why am I letting food run my thoughts, my life, and I am stronger than that.

As Martin and Marion knew I was going on holiday they scheduled one of our regular conference call catch ups. As always, Martin and Marion were extremely supportive and helped me see some sense in my irrational thoughts. What would be the worse case if I did press the pause button on holiday? Yes I may gain a few pounds, but it’s all about knowing when and how to press start and get back on it. I finished that call feeling positive and even more determined not to allow for any major slip ups on holiday.

Week 7: week commencing 21/5 in Florida AHHH…

Weigh in 17st 4lb

Loss 4lb

Total loss 22lbLose Weight for Love - BBC

OK, so if I am totally honest, I weigh myself everyday. I use Fitbit scales which automatically update in an app, so I have a daily record of my weight loss. Being on holiday without access to my scales is causing me a little anxiety. Today is Tuesday, I last weighed in on Thursday, and so it’s been 5 days without weighing myself. Last year I remember seeing these gigantic scales in supermarkets and chemists and the plan was to use these to weigh myself. Typically I can’t find any; whilst driving past a Wal-Mart we popped in to see if they had any scales. The member of staff took us to the bathroom aisle and showed us a rack of bathroom scales to purchase. Now, this aisle happened to be next to a family restroom, yep,
I couldn’t help myself. I took the scales into the restroom and weighed myself. These scales were not great, they weren’t digital, but they weighed me 5lb under my last recorded weight – what a result….

Week 8: week commencing 28/5 in Florida ahhh

Weigh in 17st 2lb

Loss 2lb

Total loss 24lb

Only a 2lb loss this week which is disappointing, although I know I shouldn’t be disappointed as it’s still a loss, which is bloody impressive for being on holiday. My secret goal was to lose 7lb whilst I am away and before the kids return to school on 4th June. I’ve achieved 6lb so far, 1lb to go for my mini target. This week we went to my favourite restaurant, the Cheesecake Factory. This place sells the best cheesecakes ever. For some strange reason, completely unlike me I chose to have strawberries and cream, rather than a cheese cake: bizarre! The one thought that kept me on the wagon during this meal, and probably a few other occasions on this holiday, was something Marion said to me, during one of our sessions in Spain. “Try to eat food that has a nutritional benefit to your body”. Not having a cheesecake at this restaurant was a real test to myself and one I wanted to pass. My family kept saying we could give the restaurant a miss but I didn’t want to as I wanted to prove to myself that I can do it. I am 100% convinced I would not have been able to have made the sensible food choice before going to the Gmband clinic.

There have been 3 occasions this holiday where I have relaxed around my food choices.

The first, I had a few spoonfuls of my daughter’s ice cream. I didn’t feel guilty,it was just a small amount and very sweet, it was nice but not amazing; I seem to be losing my sweet tooth.

The second, my partner and I had a brownie dessert in Planet Hollywood. Now I did feel incredibly guilty after this desert, the two things I do remember is the following day I felt continually hungry, something I haven’t felt since doing this diet. I remembered Marion explaining to me just why this happens. The second thing was just how sweet the brownie tasted, it was too sweet….

The third “blip” was approximately 3 hours ago. I am updating this blog on my flight home. I had a chicken salad at the airport as I knew the food on the plane wouldn’t be great, it never is. During the flight home without me noticing the stewardess put a food tray down in front of me. I had a little of everything. Then there was some cake, and for some stupid reason I ate it all. I have no idea why, it wasn’t that nice and I was a little cross with myself. I should have known better, I should have pressed pause and thought about my actions, but I didn’t, I was greedy having the second meal and run away with myself. Upon reflection, whilst I felt a little guilty, I also feel it’s good to feel this way at times, as it makes me realise  why I shouldn’t make these decisions and should see and understand the consequences of my actions.

When I land it will  be Friday morning, I will have 3 days before Monday’s official  weigh in and to see if I achieve my mini target of 7lb whilst on my holidays. I am looking forward to getting back in the gym this weekend and my food shop is already ordered and awaiting delivery. I’m also looking forward to catching up with Martin and Marion and refocusing. I plan to listen to my Hypnosis sessions again this weekend, to ensure I am on the correct path for this week ahead.

Week 9: week commencing 4/6

Weigh in 17st

Loss 2lbAlcohol and Weight Loss Part 2

Total loss 26lb

I am feeling over the moon that I have reached my mini target. I am super proud of myself for being able to go on holiday and maintain my new regime, especially with it being Florida, and use my recently learnt self-control around food and not go off the rails. I have not made it back to the gym since returning home, so I need to re-motivate myself to get to the gym this week.

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