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So, from a client’s perspective, what is it like to travel to Spain and complete the Gastric Mind Band Treatment?

Sally H initially contacted the clinic by email in July 2017…

I had started this weight loss journey with my head buried in my computer looking for weight loss clinics; I had been overweight for a long time, in fact since the birth of my second child. I understood the importance of weight management, but somehow just couldn’t manage to stay at a healthy weight for any length of time.

I emailed Elite after coming across them on Google. At the time I was seriously considering booking myself in for a Surgical Gastric Band. I had found a hospital in Poland that offered the surgery at a reduced price. I was about to book, when I did one last search on Google, and came across a few negative stories around after care.

Over the previous year I had become obsessed with using an online Weight Management Calculator, I had looked into weight management pills, and to be honest even purchased a course of pills. Looking back, I am not sure what I expected the pills to achieve; needless to say, my weight stayed the same!

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  • Please Note: The award winning GMB Permanent Weight Loss Treatment is Non-Surgical, and Psychology Focused.

The Service Received at Our Weight Loss Clinic

The people at Elite were very professional; my emails were all answered in a matter of hours and my questions and concerns covered to my satisfaction. I was impressed that Martin and Marion Shirran were prepared to phone me themselves to explain how the treatment worked, and exactly what would happen on each of the three days of my visit.

The only people who knew I was going to visit a Weight Loss Clinic were my husband and my close family. I think in a way I was ashamed, or maybe embarrassed, that I could not do it alone. I suspected that the fact that I was visiting a Weight Loss Clinic in Spain, and that I was paying for it, would raise more than a few eyebrows! Everyone was always giving me Tips on how to lose weight, and further Tips on how to keep it off once I had lost it. The constant conversations around Weight Management Tips at family social events often ended in arguments.

My husband and family were over the moon when I decided to book the GMB weight management program. They had been worried about my weight for a while, especially as we have a history of Type 2 Diabetes in the family, but the idea of me ‘Going Under The Knife’ worried them even more, so choosing the non-surgical option, with similar result levels, pleased everybody!

What to Expect from Gastric Mind Band Treatment

I must say at this point that I did research the GMB program before booking. I read over thirty pages of their website, including the verified Client Case Studies. The Clinical Evidence page was very impressive; the whole thing seemed to be pretty transparent. The fact that so many journalists, including Claudia Connell, had flown over for the treatment also gave me peace of mind.

One of the things that impressed me
with the treatment offered at the Elite Clinics was the number of people from around the world who had already travelled to Spain to undergo the treatment successfully, and the number of accredited clinics they had around the world. The fact that I was to be treated by Martin and Marion Shirran, the developers of the treatment and authors of the bestselling book on the subject, added to my feeling of confidence. If anyone understood the benefits of weight management, and how to achieve permanent results, I thought it must be them.

We are Determined to Help You Lose Weight

Initially, when I first booked the program, I was, to be truthful, a little apprehensive about travelling over to Spain alone. As it turns out, I had absolutely nothing to worry about; it was all so simple! After getting off the plane at Malaga Airport, I followed the information given to me by Elite. They gave me two options: jump in a cab, or take the train. The train service from the airport terminal runs direct to Fuengirola centre; in fact Fuengirola is the end of the line, so no worries about missing my stop! It cost me just €2.60 and took around 35 minutes.

The clinic had given me a list of hotels that were close by. I selected to stay at the Casa Consistorial; a beautiful converted former Town Hall, which is literally a two minute walk from the clinic’s door.

Previous Client’s Experience of Our Weight Loss Procedures

I arrived at the clinic on the first day, feeling both excited, and a bit nervous about what I was going to experience over the next few days. As soon as I met Martin and Marion, I felt comfortable and at ease; they are such genuine, down to earth people. They took me straight out for a coffee in the square just opposite the clinic, and as we all sat chatting and enjoying the lovely sunshine, I knew that I had made the right decision to choose the Elite weight loss clinic.

During the first session, Marion explained how the GMB treatment is a lifelong weight management program, not just a quick fix, short-term diet. This was exactly what I needed! After having done the rounds of all the various different diets over the years, I realised that they fail to provide a long-term solution to weight management.

I spent several hours in the clinic each day, but the time flew by, and there were plenty of coffee breaks incorporated into the sessions. It was quite emotional, but liberating too, being able to talk openly, and in confidence, about all my past and present eating habits and weight issues. I also found the whole process interesting, informative and very enlightening too, as I learned a lot about myself.

It’s been three months since I had the treatment, and I’ve already lost 28 pounds. My weight loss is starting to slow down now, as expected, but I know that my new, improved eating habits are gradually becoming stronger than the old ones, and I’m really enjoying my better relationship with food so much now, that I’m confident I will never be tempted to slip back into the old ways again!

My husband is coming with me when I go along for my follow-up session, and we’re both looking forward to having a couple of days in the sun.

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