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Sound Tempting Don’t They?


There’s no shortage of offers of rapid weight loss pills or diet pills on the market; some are now even cleverly describing themselves as “gastric band pills”. But everyone knows, deep down, that the only safe way to lose weight long-term is to re-learn better eating habits, and adopt them for life. A rapid weight loss pill, or rapid weight loss diet, in reality of course do not exist. Weight loss pills, almost always receive unfavorable media reviews, and they are usually directed to desperate individuals that have tried almost every other approach to lose weight.

The quick fix is a tempting prospect in many areas of our lives, but as they say, if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is! And gastric band pills, otherwise known as rapid weight weight loss pills do sound rather like a dream, don’t you think? They are an attractive answer to those dreaming of a rapid weight loss diet, with little or no effort being required. Weight loss pills, gastric balloon pills might initially sound like the ideal compromise – until you really start to think about what you’re being sold. The weight loss pills market is worth billions to their manufactures around the world, with few producing any long-term, positive results, and some have very negative, even frightening, side effects.You can read more about the potential side effects of so called ‘gastric band pills’ and other weight loss pills on the website, and also the top diet scams including the rapid weight loss diet on the Boots WebMD website.

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Whether or not any rapid weight loss can be sustained using weight loss pills or not is a whole different question. After all, everyone wants a rapid weight loss diet that works. So many people turn to weight loss pills, usually in desperation. They often view these products as a route to the dreamed of rapid weight loss diet: they see it as an easy way to lose weight, without surgery, or even having to give too much thought to dieting. And they don’t bother to ask themselves some very important questions. How safe are so-called gastric band pills? Do they actually work? If they do work, then how long will the effects really last? Is a rapid weight loss diet even a reality? In fact, if gastric band pills work so well, why doesn’t the NHS prescribe them to overcome the obesity epidemic that we all read so much about? And how can a pill change the bad eating habits that made you put on the weight in the first place? The Rapid Weight Loss diet, that not only can be sustained but can also produce permanent results, just does not exist.

Pills are Seen as a Desperate Solution

It doesn’t take much research to find people desperate for quick weight loss and and equal numbers of marketers are prepared to sell them all manner of pills and potions – herbal and otherwise – claiming to offer seemingly miraculous answers. But it’s important that anyone wanting to lose weight makes sure they understand the possible risks and side-effects of their chosen course of action, and in the case of weight loss pills it’s almost impossible to be sure what impact they will have on your long term health. Some are safe, some not; many of course are completely ineffective. Some gastric band tablets and gastric balloon pills have side effects, some appear regularly in the pages of forums, with people saying they work, others that they don’t work, or worse still, that they have some very unpleasant consequences! Some work by swelling once swallowed, so the person eats less because they feel less hungry. Others can cause rapid heart rate, affect vision, or even provoke diarrhoea.

A few years ago, a weight loss pill was marketed in the UK Sunday colour supplement magazines. Its makers claimed that you just took the tablet before bed each night and the fat would magically melt away while you slept! They sold tens of thousands of the little jars of tablets and made millions of pounds before the trading standards closed them down. It was a classic example of people wanting to find their dream solution to permanent weight loss without having having to make any effort themselves.

If you want the effects of a gastric band, presumably you want it to last longer than a course of pills; you want a real and permanent solution. Maybe you’ve discounted the surgical gastric band because you don’t want to take the risk, incur the cost, or because deep down you know you need to deal with your psychological relationship with food rather than have an operation. When deciding on a weight loss method, you need to be as cautious as you would with any other purchase, and hopefully rather more careful, as it’s your health and future well-being you’re dealing with.

The notion of adding the hook of associating weight loss pills with the effects of a surgical gastric band – in the form of gastric band pills – is a clever one. Reduce your capacity to eat by taking a pill, and then lose weight. Seems simple. Anyone considering any weight loss pills, though, owes it to themselves to take a little care before committing to this dieting method. in their choice.

Gastric Band Pills: How About An Alternative Solution?

If you are seriously interested in taking control of your weight then maybe you should first investigate an alternative, the Gastric Mind Band procedure, which has attracted so much media interest around the world. The therapy has become something of a phenomenon on both sides of the Atlantic, developing into the treatment of choice by members of the public and celebrities alike. Gastric Mind Band clients benefit from the considerable research and development that went into the GMB method. Martin and Marion Shirran, the developers and trade mark owners of the Gastric Mind Band procedure, have now built up more than eight thousand one to one clinical hours, over the past ten years, working with people who fly to the clinic from around the world, each determined to achieve their ideal body weight. At the end of the GMB treatment, each client leaves the clinic with his or her own set of carefully prepared tools, most are completely unique to the GMB, including a very extensive manual, and a set of digitally produced hypnosis / audio sessions.

At the Gastric Mind Band clinic we are totally committed to client follow-up, and on-going research and development. We are proud that we offer the most thorough answer to those wanting to escape from the roller-coaster world of yo-yo dieting, in order to establish a permanent solution to their weight problems.

Visit the Case Studies section of this web site, and check out the reviews from past clients. If you are still in any doubt, why not read the independent reports featured on the Press page.

Martin and Marion have since been featured in just about every newspaper and magazine in the UK. They also travelled to the United States to be interviewed on the two largest US news channels.  The procedure is now the subject of the best selling book,The Gastric Mind Band, published by Hay House, and available from Amazon.

What is a gastric band pill?

A gastric band pill is a gastric balloon that is swallowed and, months later, naturally excreted. In some cases however, the pill balloon may require endoscopic or surgical intervention for removal. The balloon pill is designed to be used alongside a healthy and balanced diet which can help you to achieve the health and aesthetic benefits associated with weight loss.

Although the gastric band pill is a non-surgical weight loss treatment, it can come with some side effects such as nausea, abdominal cramping and occasional vomiting after balloon placement.

With our Gastric Mind Band® treatment, you will not endure a single side effect as this is a completely non-surgical and non-invasive effective weight loss solution. The Gastric Mind Band® weight loss treatment is focused on cognitive behavioural therapy, which can be offered in our treatment clinic in Spain, or via Skype.

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An effective and surgical-free alternative to the gastric band pill for weight loss is our Gastric Mind Band® treatment. It’s non-surgical, non-invasive and highly effective – take a look at your success stories to see how we have helped our clients to not only lose weight, but to help them build a healthy and life-long relationship with food. You can reach your health goals today with GMBand, so please get in touch to find out how we can transform your life.

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