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The Gastric Mind Band Shop: Books, CD and DVD

Take a look around the Gastric Mind Band Shop, our books and CD’s along with download versions of some of the audio files are listed below.

Shirrans' Solution : The Gastric Mind Band

The updated second edition of The Gastric Mind Band book has been published worldwide by Hay House, as you turn the pages you will read about the GMB phenomenon for yourself and be able to experience some of the many benefits without leaving having to leave your home.

“The Shirrans are a breath of fresh air….. they ask ‘Why shouldn’t you be hungry? What’s wrong with hunger? If your weight problem – and the global obesity epidemic – is to be overcome, hunger should be understood and embraced, not feared. This book will give you the relationship with food you always dreamed of plus more.”

“As a lifetime yo-yo dieter I was sceptical about GMB but came away very impressed. I no longer eat when I’m not hungry and have a much healthier relationship with food.” Claudia Connell – Daily Mail.

“Martin Shirran and his wife Marion, trained clinical hypnotherapists, pull no punches. Their belief in their Gastric mind Band therapy is absolute and absolutely passionate, and this extends to their belief in their new book.”

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Gastric Mind Band Shop Shirrans' Solution : The Pause Button Therapy Book

The Shirrans’ new book Pause Button Therapy has been published worldwide by Hay House, it describes a new and proven, innovative interactive new therapy technique that allows users to quickly master the technique of being able to break free of negative habits and unconscious responses. PBT is believed to be one of the most important components of the Gastric Mind Band therapy. Based on an incredibly simple idea, it can be used for a whole host of issues. It provides additional thinking time, allowing a person to consider the potential consequences of their actions and adjust their behaviour accordingly.

PBT has been hugely successful in the treatment of everything from addiction and weight issues to depression, anxiety and relationship problems, and this book will show you the many ways in which you can use it to transform your experience of life.

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Gastric Mind Band Shop Shirrans' Solution : The Pause Button Therapy Book

The Gastric Mind Band CD was written and narrated by Marion Shirran, and is identical to those used in a Gastric Mind Band session at the Elite Clinic in Spain. Professionally recorded, produced and mixed at the renowned Davlin recording studios. The CD is the ultimate aid for anyone who is serious about losing weight permanently and a must have addition for anyone reading the Gastric Mind Band Book. The CD is supplied with a complimentary copy of the GMB DVD, allowing you, in the privacy of your own home, to meet the developers of the treatment package, Martin & Marion Shirran. As well as explaining the procedure and introducing you to their clinic, they will introduce you to a number of past clients, each filmed in their own homes, telling their own amazing weight loss stories.Order the Gastric Mind Band CD & DVD from Amazon

Shirrans' Solution : The Pause Button Therapy Book

Weight Loss Hypnosis: Just Relax and Just Sleep

Stress, anxiety and sleepless nights can all be a thing of the past with Elites Just Relax and Sleep CD’s. Whilst they were initially developed and are still used on a regular basis to help stressed clients, recent publicity has introduced them to the travelling public.

The twin CD set are reported to be as essential as your Passport and Boarding Pass on long haul flights, engine noise, loud children or someone snoring are all a thing of the past. The pack of two CDs have been beautifully written and professionally recorded by Marion Shirran of The Elite Clinic in Spain. They are essential for anyone suffering from stress or anxiety, or for those having problems achieving a perfect nights relaxing sleep. The two CDs are virtually identical excepting that one counts you back to full consciousness after about twenty minutes, whilst the other allows you to wake naturally when sufficiently rested.

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Readers should be aware that the books and CD as detailed above are not intended to offer an alternative to visiting a GMB accredited therapist and undergoing the treatment on a one to one basis.